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How to Make Woof Em's Campfire Pies: Perfect Camping Treat!

How to Make "Woof Em's" Campfire Pies Have you heard of Woof Ems?  I guess it's because they are a mess to you just kind of woof them down...?  Whatever the reason, they are awesome.  We call them Campfire Pies!  They are simple to make and are a welcome change from Smore's, which are awesome.  Great treat to take camping or invite some friends over to roast around your backyard fire pit.   Supplies Needed: Hot Dog Roasting Stick 1" Wooden Dowel Refrigerated Crescent Rolls Pie Filling Whipped Cream ~ Begin by drilling a hole in the center of a 3 inch piece of 1" wooden dowel.  Fit the dowel into the end of the hot dog roasting stick.  Now it's ready to begin.  Open the crescent rolls and cut them each in half.  Use half a roll and wrap it around the wooden dowel.  It needs to fit across the top of the dowel and then around the sides as much as possible.  The dough will be quite thin.   It's perfect though, just roast

Aladdin Magic Lamp Shirt with Cricut Maker & EasyPress 2

Supplies for this post from Cricut.  Affiliate links included, all opinions are my own.  Aladdin Magic Lamp Shirt with Cricut Maker & EasyPress 2 Plus, how to upload a JPG or JPEG into Cricut Design Space Have you seen the live action Aladdin yet?  I'm going tomorrow and knew I needed a new shirt to wear!  Making T-shirt is my all-time-favorite craft.  It's so fast.  It makes a great gift.  It is so fun to make personalized shirts in minutes!  I'm going to show you how simple it is to use   Cricut Design Space™  to make a magic shirt from a jpeg in minutes. Supplies Needed: T-Shirt Metallic Foil  Iron On Cricut Maker Cricut EasyPress 2 Cricut EasyPress Mat   Cricut Design Space™  If you don't have a Cricut Maker yet, they are amazing!  Read about making money with your Cricut here ...and 100 projects to make and sell using the Cricut here. ~ Here's the video of the Cricut Design Space process: Here's the jpeg I used for this

Overwatch D.Va Logo Tote Bag with Cricut Iron-On Vinyl

This post uses products received from Cricut , Lego and Totebag Factory .  All opinions are my own.  Affiliate links included.  Overwatch D.Va Logo Tote Bag with Cricut Iron-On Vinyl Have you played Overwatch?  My kids love it--my daughter especially.  It's the 3rd Anniversary of Overwatch today--so there's reason to celebrate!  Lego has released Overwatch Lego sets that are awesome builds, perfect for an Overwatch lover.  And I'm sharing a fun D.Va logo tote made with the Cricut Maker, Iron on and EasyPress 2--with a fabulous tote from Totebag Factory.  Let me show it all to you! First off, Overwatch Minifigures!  Minifigures are my favorite part of every Lego set...I've been known to purchase $70 Lego sets just for the minifigures inside!  This set comes with Reinhardt and D.Va and they are perfection.  Look at the fun details! The builds for Reinhardts armor and D.Va's Mech are awesome, every detail is present.  Stickers adorn the Lego pieces for