Rolled Paper Pendant Necklace

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Rolled Paper Pendant Necklace.
Save that junkmail because this craft calls for scraps of newsprint, junk mail or magazines.  I love upcycled crafts and resin is always a favorite crafting medium.  Let's get started!
You will need:
Colored and scrap paper cut 1/4 inch wide
Pendant Bezel and Necklace cord
Jewelry Resin
Ultra Seal
Double Sided Tape
Disposable surface, cups and mixing sticks
Begin by folding those tiny strips of paper in half the long way.
Then tape strips together with thin double sided tape.
Now start rolling!  Roll the paper strips tightly and tape here and there as you roll.
Add new colors, intermixed with magazine paper or junk mail.  Roll the wheel until it is the same size as the bezel.
Then use the Ultra Seal to glue the paper right inside the bezel.
A thick layer in the bezel is perfect, then plop the paper right inside.
Then cover the top of the rolled paper with the Ultra Seal.  Let the Ultra Seal dry and prepare your work surface for the resin.
Work on a disposable surface, wear gloves and mix according to package directions.
After mixing, place the bezel on top of a cap and pour a small amount of resin right in the center.  Pour until the resin fills the top of the paper wheel...mine poured off the edges a little but not too much.
 Then let the resin cure and dry overnight.
Then put the cord through the bezel and it's finished!
If you had some resin pour off the bezel, sand it off with some sand paper.  Easy Peasy!
Perfect way to upcycle some old notes with some fun colors!
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