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Harry Potter Party! Decorations, Games and Treats!

 The Perfect Harry Potter Party! Halloween is my favorite! I love parties too--and decided I must do a Harry Potter Party every year! It was so much fun! ~ First, a photo booth! Brick Wall Photo Op! And...I got this amazing BRICK WALL backdrop from Lollipop Props Shop! It's the perfect Photo Op backdrop for a party worthy of Hogwarts! Find them on Facebook , Twitter or Lollipop Props ! Shop their ETSY store for 20% off using code: DOODLECRAFT15 Adding a backdrop made such a difference to a room that is otherwise very orangey and dark! This light gray brick lightened up the space...I wish it was permanent! I hung it right over the entry closets using push pins! ~ Invitations: I made fun invitations for the party!  Check out how to make your own Hogwarts House Crest Rubber Stamp here!  ~  Right click to save off this letterhead I made up... Then download this Harry P free font and type it up and print it out! I printed it out on parchment pa

Harry Potter Week! DIY Magic Wands!

 Harry Potter Week! Make your own Magic Wands!  ~ These turned out great--Not your generic magic wands! I love the bright colors and the unique variety. You won't find wands like this anywhere else on the internet!   This is the perfect craft for kids! My 7, 11 and 13 year olds helped me. (depending on your age of child, they can assist with different parts of the project)  Made with sticks and polymer clay (oven bake clay) Making this a very budget friendly project!  First, take a walk or a hike and find some sticks. We picked curly, knobby roots and straight branches...  Now each of us sat outside and whittled off the bark.  This is where some supervision is necessary, or with small children, do this ahead of time.  Now our sticks are ready. I wiped them all down with a damp cloth to get any dust off them. Next, we used a Sculpey Polymer Clay Multi-color Sample Pack: These are great for getting a big variety of colors! Then it was just