Crayon Marbled Pendants with Jewelry Resin DIY

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Crayon Marbled Pendants with Jewelry Resin DIY

Use melted crayons for a fun pendant craft.  These are fun for kids to help with and make a great gift.  Melted Crayons marble especially well for the perfect pendants, topped off with high gloss resin.  Resin doesn't always do well with wax, so make these for fun...but don't expect them to last forever.  You can replace the crayons for marbling paint...or replace the resin with a clear finish.  It's a fun craft, just be warned.  These ones turned out great and have lasted more than one year so far.

Supplies Needed:

Envirotex Jewelry Resin 
Handheld pencil sharpener 
Bezels and Chain 
Jewelry Pliers 
Heat Gun 
Mixing cups, stirring sticks, disposable gloves and work surface
Begin by setting up the workspace.  Then use the pencil sharpener to fill the bezel with colorful shavings.  
Shave the crayons into the bezel.
Use different colors of shavings.
Then use the heat gun to warm up the crayons...can be done in the oven also.
Once the crayons are melted, use the toothpick to swirl and marble the crayon. 

Repeat for as many bezels as desired.  Then let the crayons cool completely. 
Set the bezels on a stirring stick to level them smoothly.
Now mix up the Jewelry Resin.  Read the directions carefully and follow the instructions while mixing.  
Mix up a few ounces of resin in the 2 phase process.
Now pour the resin into the bezels full enough to form a slight bubble, as pictured below.  Then let them cure and dry overnight. 

Now the pendants are ready to finish.
Use chain and jewelry pliers to finish off the necklaces, about 26-28 inches of chain each.
That's it--they are ready to wear or give as a gift!
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