Geometric Place Card Holders made with FastCast Resin

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Make geometric place card holders with fastcast resin and gold leaf

Geometric Place Card Holders made with FastCast Resin

Make shiny geometric photo holders or place card holders in just a few minutes!  These photo holders are made with FastCast resin that sets in 15 minutes.  It's a great resin craft for beginners and just takes a few supplies.
The shiny gold leafing adds metallic sparkle to any photo display or table setting.

Supplies Needed:

FastCast Resin

Silicone Molds

20 Gauge Wire 

Gold Leaf

Gilding Adhesive

Begin by cutting 1 foot of wire, then fold it gently in half.
Twist the 2 wires together and form a tight loop spiral at the top.
Now get the FastCast resin ready.  This is quick set stuff, so you need to have everything ready to go before mixing it up.
Mix one part of A and one part of B in a single mixing cup.  Stir for one minute.  Then quickly transfer into a second cup and stir with a second stick for 30 seconds.
Pour directly into the silicone mold.  Place the wire stick inside the center of the resin.  Hold in place for a few minutes until it does not take long so be patient.
The FastCast turns white and very opaque.
Remove the resin from the molds.
Make the photo holders look fabulous with the gilding adhesive and gold leafing.
Start by coating the resin in adhesive with a paintbrush.  Let the adhesive dry until tacky.
Then place the gold leaf on each surface of the photo holder where the adhesive was added.  Then use a dry paintbrush to flake away any gold leaf that did not adhere to the resin.
Repeat the process for the other photo holders.
Now they are ready to adorn the table or mantle!  Slide a photograph or a name card in between the layers of the wire loops.
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