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12 Thanksgiving Craft Ideas Roundup

12 Thanksgiving Craft Ideas Roundup Thanksgiving is a glorious time of year to focus on being thankful before the rush of the holiday commercialization takes over.  It is the calm before the storm...the deep breath before the plunge.  I love Thanksgiving.  Growing up my parents would host Thanksgiving family dinner with my mom's side of the family.  About 50 people would come and spend the day together.  I remember that my mom always had a craft planned to work on with her sisters after dinner was eaten and dishes were done.  To this day, I love crafting on Thanksgiving.  Here's some ideas for a great Thanksgiving day craft: Friendsgiving Thanksgiving Watercolor/Calligraphy Glitter Tray Gather Leaf Wreath Copper Acorns DIY Gratitude Wreath Thanksgiving Tablescape Thankful Chalk Art Silly Turkey Headbands Autumntime decor Turkey Lollipop Holder Turkey Donuts

Victorian Ghost Children Halloween Photograph Editing Tutorial

Victorian Ghost Children Halloween Photograph Editing Tutorial There is nearly nothing creepier than melancholy Victorian-era children in haunting ghost form. This is such a fun way to capture ghosts on camera! This is a fantastic photo shoot is one of my favorite projects I did with my kids. That lacy parasol and swinging pocketwatch...these kids know how to make a creepy look in a tranquil setting. This fun post has been updated from the 2012 post. I won a contest with this photo editing post and won our first ipad. As you look at these pictures you can almost hear the sounds of children giggles echoing through the forest. Their sad faces are reminiscent of a long lost era. These photographs, in their monotones, are completely chilling and the perfect Halloween decoration! Supplies for this Photoshoot: Camera Tripod Victorian-Era Children Victorian-Era Props Computer/Laptop for editing The first thing we did was take 376 pictures.  Well, lets back up. I explai

Black Forest Trifle Graveyard Dessert!

 Black Forest Trifle Graveyard Dessert! Black forest trifle is divine. Fluffy layers of cream, chocolate cake, pudding and's the perfect dessert. Dress it up like a graveyard for the best Halloween dessert. This dessert is easy to make and assemble for a party or event. These black,  tall, plastic wine glasses are the perfect containers for the graveyard Victorian feel. These glasses are from Oriental Trading and I received them in exchange for this post. To make the gravestones you will need Milano cookies and black food coloring. You will also need a new small paint brush. Write a simple R.I.P. in food coloring on the top of each cookie and let them dry. Supplies Needed: Chocolate Cake Cherry Pie Filling Chocolate Pudding Milano Cookies with R.I.P. on them Whipped Topping Black Wine Glasses Round Cookie Cutter (the size of the glass) Cut a piece of chocolate cake with the circle cookie cutter. Start by putting the cake inside the glass