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Duct Tape Gun Holsters to the Rescue!

 My 5 year old son is such a man. He only wants to be a part of things that are manly and tough... and has a hard time joking around. Don't get me wrong...he's super adorable and loves his mommy... and can get into an uber silly mood. But generally he is very stoic...serious...and all boy. In the past we've made him jet packs , bandolier bullet vests , tool belts , Bounty Hunter jet packs , and utility belts ... this time...he needed gun holsters. He found these 2 wooden guns that my hubby made years ago for a costume party... and wanted them to be his Jango Fett guns.  I love to see his little mind thinking of solutions to his problems. He was wearing his reflective running belt and tucking the guns in them... but if he leaned over the guns would come out. He approached me with his problem and asked if I had any ideas. My first thought was that I could sew something... or dad could make some holsters out of leather... Then like lightning hitting m

Doctor Who Party Week: Wrap up!

 The after party! I count this one as a HUGE success! We had several "Best Party Ever" comments as kids were leaving. To be fair...I took care of any leftover food that night... and then the decorations stayed up all weekend...and we took them down right after I took these pictures 4 days later. We partied hard...for a 5 year old Time Lord that doesn't take naps. If you are just stopping by this week, here's what you missed: Doctor Who themed BIRTHDAY Party Doctor Who themed FOOD for party Doctor Who themed GAMES for party Doctor Who themed CLOTHES for party Doctor Who themed DECORATIONS for party Linking up to THESE parties this week!

Doctor Who Party Week: Invitations and Decorations

 For the perfect Doctor Who Themed Birthday Party...  You'll need some great invitations! Here's the one we made... You could even use a homemade stamp! You'll also need some great decorations! Dalek No party is complete without one!  I took a fabulously sketched Dalek image from Okum Arts . I opened it up in photoshop and cropped it into printer page sized pieces and printed all 9 of them out. (The process was just like the Cassandra I did for the games) Then I colored them with gold and silver colored pencils. And cut them out carefully and then laminated them in my desktop laminator!  After they were laminated, I pieced them back together and used clear packing tape to secure them in place! The only problem was how crappy the stun gun lined up... and how I colored it wrong!  So I printed off another piece...did the same  process and just taped it right on!  Much better! I mounted it on some foam core board from the dollar store