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Happy Galentine's Day Party with Oriental Trading

Happy Galentine's Day Party with Oriental Trading Host a happy Galentine's day party easily with  Oriental Trading . Plan a fun Girls Night Out or a Ladies Crafternoon party for your friends this Valentine's day. I love having friends over for crafts, treats and conversation as often as I can. It's so healing! Here's a great and simple set up for a fun Galentine's day party. I received these supplies from  Oriental Trading  in exchange for this post. I love  Oriental Trading  for party supplies, holidays home decor and art supplies. Affiliate links included in post. Order from Oriental Trading today and get FREE SHIPPING on all orders! Use Code: CUPIDSQUAD at checkout. Galentine's Day Party Supplies Needed: Ombre Heart Backdrop Letterboard Rose Gold Candle Holder Holographic Tinsel Garland Pedestal Containers Diamond Cut Containers Teal Vase Heart Dessert Plates Heart Napkins Valentine Candy Paper Coffee Cups Hot Drink Cup L

Turquoise Patina Rub N Buff Sandals Upcycle!

 Turquoise Patina Rub N Buff Sandals Upcycle! Upcycle some old sandals with turquoise patina Rub n Buff in just a few minutes. Have you been going through your closets, cupboards and rooms in an effort to organize and consolidate? I bet you have a few pair of shoes that could use an update. If you like the style, consider a color change! I bought these darling sandals on Ebay. They looked bright blue and very clean. Here's the picture that accompanied the listing: I was surprised when they arrived that they were just very blue shoes. Like Pantone's blue color of the year classic blue. I contacted the seller and they beat around the issue blaming different monitors, etc. Anyway, they were not the turquoise color I wanted. Supplies Needed for this Turquoise Patina Rub N Buff Sandals Upcycle Patina Rub N Buff Shoes (this stuff works on faux or real leather, canvas and plastic!) Napkin or Paper Towel Disposable Glove Rub N Buff is a wax ba

Mandalorian Baby Yoda Wood Cut Out DIY

Mandalorian Baby Yoda Wood Cut Out DIY + Birthday Giveaway! Disney Plus was launched in November and with that came the Mandalorian series. This 8 episode series shows the Mandalorian acquire the bounty target, a 50 year old, which turns out to be this adorable little baby Yoda. The Mandalorian feels like a Western, Space Cowboy, kind of show...but I love it. The real star of the show and the reason we're going to keep watching the Mandalorian--is this cute little child, named Baby Yoda by the entire internet. If you want to be sucked into an internet search, go ahead and look at Baby Yoda memes. I knew that I needed to have some baby Yoda in my life too. Look at him with his cup of hot choccy. It's perfection. Check out this cute little tote bag too! I hired my amazing daughter to draw me the perfect black outline of baby Yoda. I wanted it to be simple enough for coloring pages, shirts or for painting like this wood cut out I did. You can buy the file here: