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How to Build: Lego Unicorn Instructions--10 ways!

How to Build: Lego Unicorn Instructions--9 ways! Lego Unicorns are the best! I found a severe lack of Unicorn Lego instructions and decided to make my own. Build the most epic Lego Unicorn with a rainbow colored mane, gold tiara and horn, rainbow colored waterfall tail and star cutie mark on the flank!   I absolutely love Lego and I love Unicorns, so I decided to combine the 2.  I spread out a blanket on the floor and dumped the 2 giant totes of Lego pieces on it one morning.  I told my 9 year old son that I needed to build a Lego Unicorn...but I had to go to the gym first.   When I got back, he had already put together a darling little unicorn.  I sat down with him and we created 9 different unicorns, all uniquely adorable in their own way.   Here's a fun set that Lego sells with a Unicorn's got wings, so it's actually an Alicorn! But would you believe it's pretty different than ours! Affiliate links:    Can you guess which one m

Happy Galentine's Day Party with Oriental Trading

Happy Galentine's Day Party with Oriental Trading Host a happy Galentine's day party easily with  Oriental Trading . Plan a fun Girls Night Out or a Ladies Crafternoon party for your friends this Valentine's day. I love having friends over for crafts, treats and conversation as often as I can. It's so healing! Here's a great and simple set up for a fun Galentine's day party. I received these supplies from  Oriental Trading  in exchange for this post. I love  Oriental Trading  for party supplies, holidays home decor and art supplies. Affiliate links included in post. Order from Oriental Trading today and get FREE SHIPPING on all orders! Use Code: CUPIDSQUAD at checkout. Galentine's Day Party Supplies Needed: Ombre Heart Backdrop Letterboard Rose Gold Candle Holder Holographic Tinsel Garland Pedestal Containers Diamond Cut Containers Teal Vase Heart Dessert Plates Heart Napkins Valentine Candy Paper Coffee Cups Hot Drink Cup L