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How to Make a Mug with Cricut Infusible Ink in the Oven!

How to Make a Mug with Cricut Infusible Ink in the Oven! Making a mug using  Cricut Infusible Ink  is a game changer!  Infusible Ink  works on sublimation mugs and can be done without a heat press in your own oven. Make a custom mug using  Cricut Infusible Ink  as the perfect handmade gift. I love giving handmade gifts for the holidays, check out my list of 968 handmade gift ideas here! Hi Cutie! I wanted to wrap the entire mug and leave some negative space with my hand lettering. I love how it turned out! It's so me! I can't wait to make custom mugs for all my friends for Christmas. I know just how to make each one of them special. Best part is that I can use this mug in the microwave and wash it in the dishwasher safely.  This fun craft uses a Sublimation mug. This is a special mug with a coating on it that reacts with the ink to transfer it flawlessly, vividly and absolutely seamlessly. I'm using the 15 ounce mug size...I love the size and the large handle! ***But be cau

Tombow Art Supplies Stocking Stuffers under $30

Tombow Art Supplies Stocking Stuffers under $30! I absolutely love Tombow and spent all of 2020 as part of their Design Team. I have loved every bit of it. It gave me something fun to look forward to every week. I love Tombow 's high quality art supplies. These are not art supplies that I would buy for a child; but for an artist, crafter, creator and friend. They are what I want to find in my stocking on Christmas morning! Here's 6 Tombow stocking stuffer ideas that cost less than $30 and would make the best holiday gift! Affiliate links included. I get a small percentage of sales when purchases are made. Thank you for supporting me so I can keep the tutorials coming in on time and under budget.  Make it 15% off using code: DOODLECRAFT15 at checkout! Check out  Tombow Holiday Gift Guide  for more ideas too! Artist For the Artist , these 3 supplies are amazing and unmatched! The colored pencils are smooth and soft. The mechanical pencil is the stuff of dreams. And the drawing

How to Make Food Safe Chocolate Molds with EasyMold

Easy Mold Silicone Putty is so much fun. This is the first resin product I ever used, it’s so easy to use and perfect for a beginner. Make Key Molds using EasyMold Silicone Putty .  Easy Mold is food safe, so it’s great for making chocolates and customizing for all occasions. We celebrated my daughter’s 16th birthday with chocolate keys on cupcakes in family isolation style. SUPPLIES NEEDED: EasyMold Silicone Putty Keys (cleaned and sanitized) Chocolate STEP 1: MIX THE EASYMOLD Take one portion of each tub, the white and the purple. Then mix the together until they are thoroughly mixed. There’s just a few minutes of time for mixing so don’t over work it. Smooth it out into a pancake that is slightly larger than the key. STEP 2: PRESS THE KEY INTO THE PUTTY Then press the key into the mixed putty and press it down so all the edges are encased in the silicone putty. Repeat the process for all the keys desired, I made 3. Let the silicone putty set u