EasySculpt Resin Ring Dish with Marbled Finish DIY

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EasySculpt Resin Ring Dish with Marbled Finish DIY

These awesome ring dish is made with EasySculpt resin. It's a smooth resin clay that dries hard like porcelain. EasySculpt resin is easy to use and will have your creativity running wild with all the things you can make using it.

This ring dish is perfect for holding rings by the sink while washing dishes, as a catch all on the nightstand or entryway or just for a centerpiece on the coffee table. 

Supplies Needed for the Resin Ring Dish:

EasySculpt Resin Clay

Cornstarch Baby Powder
Small Dish
Cling Wrap
Plaid Marbling Craft Paint
Gold Craft Paint
Clear Spray Sealer
Paint Brush
Disposable Gloves

Begin by reading the directions for the EasySculpt. If not used correctly, the product won't work correctly. Mix one part of resin clay and one part of hardener clay into a ball. Mix thoroughly until the clay is completely mixed, no marbling.

The EasySculpt Clay is very sticky. Use the cornstarch to keep the EasySculpt smooth and workable.

Dust the cornstarch around the clay and then work the EasySculpt into a thin pancake.

Use a dowel or stick to roll it flat and smooth. Roll it to about a 1/4 inch thick.

Place the cling wrap on the backside of the dish.

Then place the clay on the cling wrap. Set it aside and let it cure over the next day or two. I left my clay with rough organic edges.

After it is completely cured, peel if off the backside of the dish.

Now customize with paint any way you like.

I marbled my dish...begin by painting the dish white. Then squeeze some marbling paint in a small paper cup in a bullseye pattern.

Then pour the paint right into the dish.

Tip and tilt the dish to spread the paint around.

Then let it sit until the paint is completely dry. Depending on the amount of paint used, this can take a couple weeks.

Then use the paintbrush to paint a gold edge on the dish. Spray with a clear acrylic sealer and let dry. Then it's good to use. Make a bunch and give as gifts or make a large one for the perfect coffee table display.

I love the marbled look paired with the gold edge on this ring dish.

That's it!

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