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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Love my STATE or USA DIY Jewelry!

 Love my STATE or USA DIY Jewelry!
I love my state pieces are totally trendy right now.
 These are a breeze to make!
I just printed off an outline of the USA or individual states...
they are super easy to find online.
 Trace them with a sharpie onto Shrinky Dink plastic!
Cut them out and add an enlarged hole.
Add a heart at your desired location and use a hobby knife to
 carefully cut the center of the heart out.
 Melt the plastic in the oven.
350* on a baking dish for about 5 minutes...they will curl up and then flatten out.
Look how much they shrunk!
 Add a chain and show your pride!
 Either as a choker or a long necklace!
 Get crazy with states too!
Here's Utah...
(love Utah...born and raised...lived for 30+ years!)
(went to San Antonio once and loved it!)
(Sweet Home Alabama!)
(Senior Trip to San Diego!)
 Super cute and fun project for older kids...tweens and teens!
Make a charm of all the places you've been!
Could be a really fabulous charm necklace!
 What state would YOU make?
I've been to 28 states.
This was a fun interactive game to calculate!
 How many STATES have you been to?

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Easy Happy Birthday Pennant Banner!

 Make a super simple Pennant Banner!
Perfect for birthday's or other parties!
 It's easy with
12 by 12 sheets of scrapbook paper
rotary cutter, ruler and cutting mat
 Mark in 4 inches from the corner on one side.
 Line up the ruler at the 4" mark and lay it to the corner nearly across from it.

Just like this:
 Hold that ruler tight and cut that line.
 I double up to make it faster.
 Now...flip the paper around.
Mark at 4 inches in.
lay the ruler across from the 4" mark to the corner.
Cut that line.
 Now we've taken a SQUARE paper and turned it into a PARALLELOGRAM.
Easy right!??
Run the ruler across the diagonal from corner to corner.
You can see how it will make the perfect isosceles triangle.
 Cut along that line.
Now you have perfectly shaped,
symmetrical pennants!
Next I just freehand cut some letters with scissors.
You could have an electronic cutter do it for you...or write it on with markers!

Here's my next trick.
Duck Tape!
Get some pretty tape...
 Cut a square.
 Place half on the pennant front.
Insert the twine.
Fold over and tape down the tape to the other side of the pennant.
 Like this:
 Here's the easiest way to make the banner without tangling twine or running out of space!
 Side by side...tape the top...lift and place pennant right on top of the last.
Put the next one in place...tape and repeat!
 Hang them up for the special day!
We had a huge backyard barbecue and I didn't get the camera out to take any pictures after this.
But it was fun...and that table wasn't enough room for all the food!

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