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Friday, May 29, 2015

Gold Layered Filigree Necklace!

 Gold Layered Filigree Necklace!
PandaHall sent me Jewelry Supplies to review in exchange for this tutorial!
They specialize in bulk wholesale jewelry!
 You will need:
Gold Chain
Gold Eyepins
Filigree Flower (I had this one on had...but PandaHall has some like this too)
 Layered chains...this chain is really great quality!
Cut 3 pieces of chain: 22", 24" and 26"
 Used a barrel clasp to hook them together, but a jump would work too.

 We used wire to weave through the filigree and then hook it
on the chain necklace up near the lapel.
 Like so!
Looks awesome on my adorable cousin!!!
 Totally chic and classy!
Check out PandaHall for more Great Chains!

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Faceted Floating Necklace!

 Faceted Floating Necklace!
I was sent great Jewelry Making Supplies in exchange for this tutorial/review!
 You will need:
3mm Faceted Multi-color beads
6mm Faceted Multi-color beads
Fishing line and clasp...and 2 crimp beads
 Use a binder clip to hold your necklace in place while working on it!
 String on one bead, then loop it around the entire bead
 and string it back through the bead.
 Just little loops hold the beads in perfect place!
 Then use crimp beads to secure the clasp to the fishing line.
 It looks gorgeous!
It's delicate and light!
Check out all these fabulous Glass Beads for more inspiration!

This post published on Doodlecraft first 
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