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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hydraulic Rolling Stool from The Salon Outlet!

 Hydraulic Rolling Stool from The Salon Outlet!
The Salon Outlet sent me this amazing chair!
 They have everything that you could need for beauty supply.
My problem:
My daughter is nearly the same height as me...they grow up so fast!
It makes it so hard to do her hair...and
 I didn't have anything adjustable for her to sit on.

It's adjustable, so I can raise or lower it based on what part of the hair I am doing.
I used this stool yesterday to give my 2 boys haircuts--it made it much easier!
 This is a vinyl stool that makes it so easy to clean!
Check out their selection of make-up kits, lighting and other salon products!

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Real 4-Leaf Clover Shamrock Pendant!

 Real 4-Leaf Clover Shamrock Pendant!
So did you know that each leaf of a clover represents something.
The first is Faith, second is Hope, third is Love and the fourth is Luck!
So a 4-leaf clover is good luck!
They say there are 10,000 3-leaf clovers to every 1 4-leaf clover.
That also makes them good luck to find!
 True Story:
My daughter, when she was 6, was sitting outside in the grass.
Near the fence was a little clover patch.  She miraculously found a 4-leaf clover!
I was shocked!
 Here's the beauty.  I pressed it and scanned it in the computer.
Each leaf was heart shaped, so cute!
I thought it must have been a fluke...never had I seen a 4-leaf clover, let alone
 the 6 year old finding one.
 So I went out and sat in the grass, same spot...and hunted and hunted and hunted.
All of the ones in the grass were the 3 leaf variety.  She really was LUCKY!
And it made her older brother shed a single tear of jealous sadness.
Totally adorable, right?
Well, somewhere in China, clovers are altered and genetically modified
so that they have plentiful amounts of 4-leaf clovers.
I ordered a bunch...and it took months to arrive at my if you want to score some faster,
check out my Etsy shop.
They arrived pressed and dried in a vacuum sealed bag.
Perfect for St. Patrick's day crafts--and jewelry!
 I got a silver bezel and glass cabochon set here:
They have this cool textured pattern...
I also used this damask acetate paper and a 1 inch punch.
Stacked together, they look like LACE!
Cool right?
You can use any combo of scrapbook paper...they even make lace patterned paper, so whatever.
Then the shamrocks...
I used some mod-podge and painted it on the scrapbook paper...
Then pressed my sticky brush onto the clover and picked it up!
Then set it exactly where you want it on the scrapbook paper!
Paint some more mod-podge on the top and let it dry.
So cute, right?
They almost look fake...printed...oh well.  I know they are real!
Then bust out the E6000...I love this glue and use it all the time.
Put a dab about the size of a pea...
on the back of your glass cabochon.
Press it down firmly on the clover!
Press it so the glue spreads and travels to all the edges.
Turn it over and let dry.
I did some with glass pebbles, like I did these magnets.
You can add a Leaf Bail to the back for a pendant...or a magnet!
Awesome right?
I'm feeling lucky!
Great St. Patrick's day accessory!
Fun little gift for a daughter or friend!
And check out this!
My friend and I did this Necklace, earring, ring set!
The bezel setting (pack of 5) and cabochons are from
I love them!
Have you ever found a 4-leaf clover?

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