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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Faceted Floating Necklace!

 Faceted Floating Necklace!
I was sent great Jewelry Making Supplies in exchange for this tutorial/review!
 You will need:
3mm Faceted Multi-color beads
6mm Faceted Multi-color beads
Fishing line and clasp...and 2 crimp beads
 Use a binder clip to hold your necklace in place while working on it!
 String on one bead, then loop it around the entire bead
 and string it back through the bead.
 Just little loops hold the beads in perfect place!
 Then use crimp beads to secure the clasp to the fishing line.
 It looks gorgeous!
It's delicate and light!
Check out all these fabulous Glass Beads for more inspiration!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Vintage Style Gold Tassel Ribbon Bookmark!

 Vintage Style Gold Tassel Ribbon Bookmark!
I received free product from Panda Hall in exchange for making this project and post.
Panda Hall has all the beads, gems, findings, accessories and other
 jewelry making supplies you can imagine!
Best's bulk wholesale jewelry!
 Make a classy statement!
It's jewelry for your favorite book!

For this Gold Tassel Ribbon Bookmark you will need:
Eiffel Tower Ribbon (1m is only 54¢)
Gold Chain (10 m for $1.79)
Gold Eye Pins (63¢ for 100)
Iron Ribbon Crimp Ends (93¢ for 100)
Electroplate Faceted Glass Beads ($2.10 per strand)
 So, for just $5.99 plus shipping you can make 4 bookmarks.
Get 11 more meters of ribbon ($5.94)  and you can make 50 bookmarks!
(That makes each bookmark less than 25¢ each!)

Great for a Youth summer camp craft!
 Cut the ribbon to 8 inch length and use a lighter to melt the ends to prevent fraying.
 Place a crimp end on the end of the ribbon
 And pinch it down tight with pliers.
 Hook on an eye pin.
 Add a faceted bead...
 Snip the eye pin about 1/2" away from the bead and curl it with pliers to form a hook.
Then slip the end of the chain on the hook.
 Loop it about an inch and hook it on the eye pin again.
Repeat a few times to make a pretty tassel.
 Now use pliers and snip the loops of the chain
 Super cute!
 Now, on the other end I used an flat head pin...but an eye pin will work just fine too.
Just slip it on the pin...
 And cut it about 1/4-1/2" away from the bead and loop it around the other crimp end.
Super easy and totally classy!
 I love the Paris themed ribbon!
So fun and fancy!
Check here for more great Jewelry Findings!
Come back tomorrow for more fun jewelry ideas!

This post published on Doodlecraft first 
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