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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pumpkin Goblet Centerpiece!

 Pumpkin Goblet Centerpiece!
Perfect decor for the Autumtime holidays!
 Pick up some glassware from the dollar store...
 Remove all those "hard to move" labels...I used goo gone.
 Just use cheap craft acrylic paint and give them a light coat of orange.
Paint with up and down strokes so it looks like the ribs of a pumpkin!
 Let them dry.
 Add green decorative tops!
 And curly swirly vines!
 Add some touches of white and let them dry!
These would look great with some twine or burlap tied around the stems!
Perfect holiday decor!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Personalized Wall Decals from Pear Tree!

Personalized Wall Decals from Pear Tree!
This is awesome!
Pear Tree Greetings contacted me and let me customize this wall vinyl for free.
This is a game changer.  I'm looking at every wall differently now!
 I already love wall vinyl and decals...but Peartreegreetings makes them custom!
They also have announcements, cards, invitations, stationary, and a huge variety of wall art!
It's super simple too!
Just select the item you can edit
 your photo right in the Pear Tree your options and then finalize!
I picked the latest dressed up picture of my family!
 After ordering, it just takes about a week to arrive at your door!
It's so awesome.
It's thick textured canvas...but as a wall decal!
The only that you have to cut it out yourself.
 There's a red line to follow...
 But I decided to keep the red line as a border.
 Next, make sure the wall is clean.
Rubbing alcohol is a good choice to wipe the wall down with prior to placement.
Then just peel off the backing and place it on!
Smooth it down and smile!
 It just takes minutes to have a fantastic gallery wall!
 They have a KILLER sale going on for just 10 more days only!
Take advantage of this 50% off sale with the code:
gives you 50% off your entire order over $25!
Awesome--think Christmas gifts!
How cute is this gallery wall???

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