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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Coloring Images with Copic Markers!

 Coloring Images with Copic Markers!
Or any other markers that blend together!

Let's get sidetrack first:
 You are Outstanding in your Field!
Haha, love the scarecrow this time of year!
I like simple cards because they are so easy to mail...if they are too bulky or covered in
 embellishments they cost extra to I go simple and highlight the image.

Let's learn how to
 Color Images with Copic Sketch Markers!
Ink an image using Memento Ink.
I'm using Royal Cutie Pies from The Greeting Farm!
 I like pale I use E00, E000 and E0000...
But basically you just need 3 colors in the tone you want.

 I start with the lightest and color all the skin.
 Then move to the darkest shade (E00) and color the shadow areas...
 Around the hairline, cheeks, etc.
Then blend the areas together with the in-between color!
 Next I use R00 and R20 for the cheeks!
Just a little R20 on the cheeks and blended out with the R00
 For the hair, I'm going light...
so 3 shades in the same color family again.
 Start with lightest,
 then darkest...then blend!
 For the blues, I use 2 shades and keep it simple...
 Then cut out the image.
I used glitter cardstock, a doily, a paper flower, a yellow brad
and some mounting foam tape.
 Cut the doily in half and glue it on the card like this.
 Stack the flowers, add the brad and hook it on the card...

 Then add some mounting foam to the back of the image...
and place her right on top!
Perfect and simple!
How do you organize your craft supplies?
Stamp-n-Storage has amazing shelves for ink pads, paper, punches, markers and more!
Check out this post for more details!

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Stamp-n-Storage! Perfect Craftroom Organization!

I just discovered Stamp-n-Storage!
Seriously, amazing Craft Room organization boxes...
I am so excited about these, I need a million more!
They are specially made to fit Stampin' Up and other big craft brand supplies.
Look at my crappy punch organization before...stacked...covered...buried.
And rarely used...because they are stacked up like dominoes!
 Stamp-n-Storage sent me 3 fabulous organizers in exchange for this post.
All opinions are my own.
And yes, I will be purchasing more!
 One for ink pads, one for lock down punches and one for whale punches!
They arrived quickly and packaged beautifully!
They are unfinished you could paint them if you want!
They are high quality and come all fit together.  No assembly required!  Phew!
 I love's so much easier to be creative
when everything has it's own place...and is visible!
Out of sight, out of mind, right?
 Look how perfectly all my ink pads fit!
Oh yeah...they sell them in various sizes!
They make them to fit on a desk top...hang on the wall...or...
Fit perfectly in an IKEA Expedit Shelf!
I went with the Ikea size to fit my giant desk. 
You can get an ink pad holder to fit up to 60 pads!
All the measurements are listed...they are less than 5 inches they
 don't take up tons of desk space either!
 They can even fit your ink pad, markers and ink refills!
Look at the organization heaven here!
 I'm going to get some paper organization shelves...
 Awesome way to store paper!
I'll need some for my markers, my embossing folders and wafer dies!
I am so excited to be able to see all that I have to work with!
I believe that having well organized supplies allows more creativity...
Just like Stamp-n-Storage's motto:
"Organize your craft.  Unleash your creativity!"
I'm an affiliate for Stamp-n-Storage now too!
(you can find their link on my sidebar)
Check out their fabulous collection for craft room organization!
You can find them on Facebook too!

This post published on Doodlecraft first
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