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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ribbon and Burlap Wreath!

Make a Beautiful Ribbon and Burlap Wreath!
This color scheme works great for anytime of year...
but especially Autumntime through Christmas!

I used a hay wreath form.
These are not my favorite, unless they are entirely covered.
And I used Burlap from
(they sent me a huge roll of burlap in exchange for this post)
I used 2 to 3 inch strips of burlap and hot glue.
Just glue in place and wrap tightly.

Once you get to the end add hot glue
And press it down, hold in place with scissors while it cools.
Now to add ribbon.
I used a gold and copper metallic wire edged ribbon.
Just hot glued in place and wrapped around,
leaving burlap showing in between.
Now to make the bow.
This part is trickier...but go with me.
You'll need wire and more ribbon.
Here's some detailed directions from a bow done with duct tape.
 Click that link above because my directions below are lacking pictures...
only difference is I started with the center loop here and did it all in one piece.
Every time you make a loop,
you twist the wire on it tight.
Essentially until you have made the desired amount of loops.
The second layer of loops is a little bit bigger so they show.
When satisfied...fluff up the ribbon and make the bow look pretty!
Attach it to the wreath with the remaining wires or hot glue.
I love it!  It's super simple but elegant!

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Atlantic Ocean at Daytona Beach!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of
 Daytona Beach Area Convention & Visitors Bureau. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you been to the Atlantic Ocean before?
Ever been to Daytona Beach?
If you have...what did you love about it?
If not, consider it for your next family vacation or romantic get-away!
This was my first time at the Atlantic Ocean!
We've lived in the south/east now for nearly 3 years and this was the first time at the Atlantic.
We did the Gulf a few months back...but this was a whole new experience!
My in-laws came to visit and we drove with them to Florida!
We spent the entire day at the beach!
The waves were bigger and funner to play in--and the water was saltier!
We saw lots of pelicans!
I always think they look like pterodactyls--do you?
My kiddos had the best time!
These waves were monsters--even for me!
I mean, see my little 6 year old...he was such a man,
body surfing and riding the waves like a champ.
I put my camera away and played for hours in the hot sun, warm water and killer surf!
BTW, Fall is the PERFECT time for a Florida vacation!
Most kids are back in school (plug for homeschool right there)
and it's cooled off a bit too!
If you are planning a Florida trip, Fall is ideal time and there are lots of Kid friendly options!
Here's my tips for spending the day at the beach:
Eat breakfast, get to the beach around 10-11 a.m. or so.
Bring Goggles! (the salt water is a killer in the eyes--plus get goggles that have UV protection!)
Wear rashguard shirts (this will help kids play without risk of intense sunburns)
Get kids out of water every 2 hours, dry the skin and re-apply sunblock
(have them wait 15 minutes before getting back in the water...playing in the sand helps!)
Bring snacks like grapes, watermelon chunks, crackers and water!
(I don't bring any heavy carb foods...they play so hard they don't even feel hungry!)
This trip we didn't bring sand toys...but that didn't stop us from digging and burying feet!
The sand is dense along the cars can drive right to the water's edge!
There was soft salty sand...and a whole sandbar filled with seashells further up the shore.
But we preferred to spend most of the time in the water!
Lots of splash time!
Perfect coast line for a walk!
(aren't my in-laws adorable?!)
Super fun in the sun!
We spent the day at the beach...and had water and
refreshing snacks to get through the bulk of the day.
Around 4 we were ready for some real food!

We rinsed off the sand in the nearby showers and dried off in the sun
while we walked on the pier!
We browsed through gift shops and admired the waves of the Atlantic from above!
Next, find a great place, like Joe's Crab Shack, to eat right on the pier!

If we had 2 more days of vacation at the beach this is what we would do:
Day 2:
Joyland Amusement Center!
After a lazy morning and breakfast, I would spend the bulk of the next day
shopping for silly souvenirs, playing, amusing and riding!
Joyland Amusement Center is a pay per ride place.
What a fun way to see the ocean then on a Ferris wheel!
I love roller coasters and spinning, twirling rides!
I'd love to try the new Sand Blaster Roller Coaster--or the Go-Karts!
The rides are right there on the beach side,
easy to run out to the ocean or walk along the beach for a
while and then head back for lunch.
There's a sweet shop and the Mardis Gras Fun Center has ice cream!
Spend the afternoon in the classic arcade playing Pac Man,
Skeeball and lots of other fun games!
You can join in experiencing the fall festivals!
Festival Capital of Florida
Attend the Daytona Beach Blues Festival or find daily live music at Bruce Rossmeyer’s.
If you love art, you can attend the Halifax art festival or Daytona Beach’s film festival.
And there is the Wings and Waves air show where
over 40 different Air Force aircrafts give an astonishing
aerial performance over the Atlantic Ocean.
The Daytona Beach area is a great mix of the easy beach lifestyle
and fancy arts and entertainment events.
Family-friendly, free music series located on the Atlantic Ocean and
various cultural festivals,
you'll never run out of things to do when visiting Daytona Beach!
There are lots of Free Things to Do in Daytona Beach

Day 3:
(I'd repeat day one!)
I would just live at the beach and be an old leather beach bum if I could be!
I'd even learn how to surf!
And I'd check out the Wings and Waves air show with my kids!
I know they would love watching Air Force aircrafts perform stunts over the Atlantic Ocean!
He's so proud of these sand shoes he made!
Love the feel of soft sand!
If you want more than just lounging on the beach there are many other options.
There is lots of ways to have Outdoor Fun !
You can go deep-sea fishing, rent equipment for water sports or visit
Daytona's historical sites. At night there's fine dining and restaurants!

Oh this makes me desperate to go to the beach again!
Who wants to go with me?
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