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Thursday, July 30, 2015

CAMPING WEEK! Homemade Beef Jerky!

 CAMPING WEEK!  Homemade Beef Jerky!
Have you purchased beef jerky lately?
It's about $18 a pound here!
It's easy and cost effective to make your own!
First you will need a Nesco Jerky gun and flavor/cure packets.
You can get the gun and 5 packets of flavor for about $20.
This will do 5 pounds of meat.

And you will need extra lean ground beef...I know, right?
No expensive cuts of meat, you can use lean ground meat that costs around $3.50 a pound!
I got a 10 pound log of meat at WinCo.
I split it into 10 one pound sections and did 1 pound at a time.
Add one packet of cure and flavoring and mix well!
Open up the gun and fill with meat.
It's basically like a caulking gun...with different attachments for strips or tubes.
Then just squeeze out on your dehydrator sheets!
You can get a dehydrator with the gun for pretty reasonable price...
then you can dry all sorts of things!
I set it at 160* and dehydrate for 5.5 hours.
Perfectly cooked, yet tender beef strips!
I vacuum pack mine with an oxygen absorber for long term storage.
Our favorite flavors are:
Cracked Pepper and Garlic
 Sweet Hardwood

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Steel Shooting Challenge!

Steel Shooting Challenge!
In August 2009 I was a participant in a Steel shooting challenge.
It was my first time shooting and it was a blast!
I used a borrowed glock and other borrowed equipment.
  Everyone on the range helped me know how to stand, keeping good form and all the details.
I screamed every time I took a shot for the first dozen shots or so...
It was so fun to shoot those big steel plates in a obstacle course senario. 
I was super accurate--hit right on every shot!
But, slow...I definitely did not get the best time...I came in dead last on time.
I had a great time!
The most important piece of equipment was electronic noise cancellation ear pro!

These electronic earmuffs are designed to allow you to hear your friend
 talking beside you, while simultaneously blocking out loud gunshots.
You can listen closely to your surroundings during a hunt,
or hold a conversation at the shooting range, without having to sacrifice your hearing.
This is why these are so essential!

**I was sent this FSL Patriot Electronic Earmuff at no cost in exchange for this review**
Patriot Ear Pro runs on AA batteries and lasts up to 30 hours continuous use.
Perfect for a hunt, at the range, or in a challenge!
The steel shoot challenge was definitely a great time shooting!
Check out my past week posts for fun camping ideas too!

This post published on Doodlecraft first 
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