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Saturday, December 20, 2014

You are an Angel Metal Stamped Ornament!

 Angel Ornament!
 I love metal stamping!
I want to stamp letters on anything metal!
I found this angel ornament at Goodwill for 30 cents.
 Took it out to the workshop.
Metal stamps
Heavy hammer
metal to stamp on
 I just stamped freehand...
you could mark it out with sharpie to keep it even.

 Then fill it in with sharpie marker.
 Let it sit a few minutes.
Then rub off the surface with a Mr. Clean eraser.
Looks great!
 Fun and whimsical for an angel ornament!

Check out all these other things to metal stamp!

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Cookie Snowman!

Cookie Snowman!
Super simple but adorable little gift or handout!
2 cookies in a cellophane sleeve.
I love using store bought cookies for craft projects--so simple!
You will also need 5 black buttons and 4 red ones.
And a orange paper carrot for the nose!
I used glue dots to just stick them on!
And then double up some festive bakers twine and tie it around the neck!
Easy and adorable!
Do you ever give store bought goodies in cute packaging?
Tag it with #GiveBakery so we can all see it!
Find them on pinterest for more darling ideas too!

Here's some more fun ones too:

It's Great to be Eight Cookies!

Cookies and Goodies make great gifts!

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