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Friday, August 1, 2014

Pop Top Tin Can Cookie Surprise! Just Because #givebakery

 Tin Can Cookie Surprise!
 #givebakery is the perfect way to find great baked goodies for gifts.
Nothing funner than opening a pop top tin can to a pretty packaged stack of cookies!
 The perfect gift!
This would be great for teacher gifts, neighbors, or JUST BECAUSE!
 Okay, the trickiest part is the opening of the can.
You need to find a can with edges on the bottom of the pop top can
 that are just like a standard can...not the kind of can that has a rounded bottom.
I find canned FRUIT is the best option.
 Use a "Smooth Edge" can it removes the entire
 bottom of the can, without making sharp edges.

 Clean the can thoroughly...and dry it thoroughly.
Now, get some cellophane sleeves.
 Insert a stack of cookies (that will fit inside the can) and tie it off with twine.
Store bought cookies are super easy to give as gifts!
 Put the stack inside the can...upside down.
 Add some E6000 glue on the edge of the can bottom.
 Press it carefully on the bottom of the can.
 Put something heavy on it to keep it in place while it dries.
 Repeat...because you'll want a bunch to give out!
Now decorate!
Cut some paper to fit around the can.
 Tape it all in place.
 Add some circles on top for an additional touch!
 Now, printables!
right click to save off these labels...
 Print them out on cardstock...and cut them out.
 Wrap the cans with twine...this will also help keep the paper in place.
Use mounting foam to attach the labels.
 Perfect for One Smart Cookie!
 Not only super adorable, but such a fun surprise for the recipient!
 And you can't even tell the bottom of the can has been tampered with!
Just pop open the tab!
 And enjoy the cookie surprise!
Love it!
Here's some more great #givebakery Cookie gift ideas!

CD sleeves

Bunny Cookies!

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hair Hair Bows!

 Hair Hair Bows!
A perfect summer time or back to school updo!
Great for lazy days...doesn't take much more work than a ponytail or a bun!
 Popularized by Miss Lady Gaga, this is a hit with tweens and teens too!
It's easy to do on yourself, doesn't take much skill...
and it's totally ATTENTION getting!
All you need is:
A brush/comb
Hair elastic
Bobby pins...about 6 to 8
Hair spray
 And some hair!
(she's got long hair, but this style works as long as you can get your hair into a little ponytail bun)
 Make a high ponytail...right on the top of the head.
 Wrap it 2-3 times and on the final wrap,
Don't pull all the hair through...making a ponytail bun.
 Like this.
 Fluff it up a little...using most of the hair.
 But leaving a tail of hair hanging in the front of your face.
Split the bun in half...
 Take the remaining hair hanging in the front and wrap it
up and over the center of the split bun.
 Use 2-3 bobby pins to secure it in place right at the base of the ponytail elastic in the back.
 Take the remaining tail and wrap it around the base of the bow...
covering up the ponytail elastic.
Bobby pin the ends in place.
 Bobby pin the bow on each fluffy side.
Just one to hold it in place...although it holds pretty well by itself.

Pull up on each side of the bow gently while misting with hair spray.
The more you spray, the more you can mold your bow into the perfect shape.
Take care of all those little fly-aways!
 Repeat shaping on the back.
The best part is that the backside of the hair looks just as cute as the front!
 Works great as pigtail twin bows too!
(this was when her hair was much shorter...still looks great!)


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