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Best FREEBIES Printables Backgrounds Roundup!

Happy Halloween friends! One of the best categories on my blog is my giant pile of Freebies !  Everyone loves a new printable, wallpaper, phone background and more.  When I first started my blog I did a few Chevron freebies that were out of control popular!  Remember when chevron was such a trendy pattern...can you even stand it now?  Anyway, here's 10 amazing categories of printables...with many varieties in each one!  Plus check them all out here. Black and White with Flowers 10 stunning black and white patterns with vivid florals Colorful Chevron Patterns 16 different color schemes of the chevron we all knew and loved Ornate Frames I have a bunch of different ornate frame freebies... here , here and here . Printable Labels 3 styles to choose from! Geometric Backgrounds 7 different color schemes to pick from Fine Glitter! 5 different metallic colors to pick! Damask Print in 17 different shades Geometric chaos in 10 varieties Buffalo P

Thanksgiving Place Cards with Tombow Color Pencils

Supplies for the post were give to me by American Tombow Inc. as part of their ambassador program.   All opinions are my own, affiliate links included. Thanksgiving Place Cards with Tombow Color Pencils Hey friends, I'm getting ready for Thanksgiving, even though Halloween is tomorrow.  If I don't plan and work ahead, it just does not happen in time for the event.  Halloween is thought and planned all through August and September and then it's swiftly on to other holidays.  It can feel a bit weird, but fun too.  My kids never quite know what to expect!  Ha.  Today I am showcasing Tombow's fabulous Color Pencils roll.   They come pre-filled in a roll bag.  They are smooth and blend with ease...perfect for excellent coloring. There's a good variety of colors, plus gold and silver metallic!  So they are great for pretty much every day doodling--up to the colored pencil artist! They wrap and tie for ease of storage and travel.  Great paired with grown

Dark Chocolate No Bake Cookies Recipe!

Dark Chocolate No Bake Cookies Recipe! When I was little my mom would make No-Bake cookies occasionally.  They were my favorite, fudgy chocolate and oats...perfection.  I love dark chocolate and so these dark chocolate no bake cookies are the best, they take me straight back to my childhood.  They are nice because you just cook them on the stove top.  Do you like dark chocolate?  If not, just replace the dark chocolate cocoa with milk chocolate. Mix and Boil: 2 C Sugar 1/4 C Dark Chocolate Cocoa Powder 1/2 C Milk 1/2 C Butter Boil for 2 minutes. Remove from heat, then add: 1 teaspoon Vanilla 1/2 Cup Peanut Butter 3 1/2 Cups of Old Fashioned Oats Spoon onto a parchment covered parchment sheet.  Let them cool completely...arguably the HARDEST part of the recipe. Then they are ready to serve up and enjoy.  Trust me, they are awesome.  I love the rich dark chocolate. Like, Share and Pin! Dark Chocolate No Bake Cookies Mix and Boil: 2 C Sugar 1/4 C Da