Maui's Fish Hook Necklace: Disney's Moana Inspired DIY

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 Maui's Fish Hook Necklace: Disney's Moana Inspired DIY
This fun craft is perfect for the Moana lover in your household...makes a great gift too.  Harness the power of the sea with Maui's hook...made into a portable necklace!
Do you love the Disney movie Moana as much as I do?  I love the music and the bright colors of the trees and the ocean.  This mini hook necklace is perfect for any Maui fan. 
Easy Sculpt Epoxy Clay
Leather cord
Hobby Knife
Epoxy clay is a 2 part mixed clay.  Read the instructions thoroughly before beginning and wear gloves, this stuff is sticky!
Get equal parts of each container of clay.
Next, mix them together until they are no longer marbled, but completely mixed together.  The clay is extremely sticky, but looses it's tackiness as it sets.
Form it into a smooth shape and let it sit on a parchment surface for about 20-30 minutes.
After the sitting time, it becomes easy to handle and form.  If it is still too tacky, let it sit a little longer.  Temperature and climate will make a difference, read the directions and watch it closely.  Then form the clay into a curved hook shape.
Use the hobby knife to cut a small notch at the tip of the hook.  The epoxy clay is smooth and dries like ceramic!
Let it set completely, like overnight.  The glossy shine is amazing and looks like an authentic bone hook.  Maui would be pleased!
Now use the leather cording to make the necklace.
Twist and wrap the center of the cord around the top of the hook about 4 times, then tie it in a square knot.  Tie the other ends so they fit around your head with ease.
Now it's ready to wear and control the very seas!  You could add tribal symbols and decorations on it with brown sharpie marker if you want!  A necklace that even Tamatoa would be envious of!
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