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How to do an Ocean Resin Pour on USA Cutout DIY

 How to do an Ocean Resin Pour on USA Cutout DIY      I am obsessed with ocean resin pours.  Pouring out glossy colored resin to mimic the depth and waves of the ocean is so satisfying!  This piece of ocean resin art is perfect year round, but especially great for the patriotic holiday!  Unfortunately, the video I created of this process was accidentally deleted so I can't share the entire video 😭 Next time!      When I finished this I pictured it saying "from Sea to shining Sea" I did a little hand-lettering on my ipad.  Maybe I'll make something tangible at some point.  I doubt it will be soon though.  The funny thing is that I bought this wood cutout of the USA about 3 years ago at the thrift store for $2.  I knew I wanted it and would someday do something amazing with it...but it took until now! Supplies Needed: High Gloss Resin Folk Art Acrylic Paint in White, Navy, Turquoise, Teal and Mint Small Paper Cups Stirring stic

How to use Cricut Infusible Ink Transfers on Tote Bag DIY

How to use Cricut Infusible Ink Transfers on Tote Bag DIY      Hi Doodlecrafters, Cricut just released their newest product,  Infusible Ink  , exclusively at Michaels!  It is the newest type of iron on that is seamless, smooth and just becomes part of the base it is pressed on.  This darling tropical tote bag can be made in less than an hour and looks stunning!  I am sold, I love it!  The  Infusible Ink   works in 2 parts, the actual transfer and the base (tote, shirt, coasters, etc...)  They can not be used on regular shirts or bags in the closet.         Infusible Ink   was released at Michaels stores on June 21st and I was first in line at my local Michaels.  I did an insta-live that you might have seen!  After thoroughly analyzing each item I found the pattern I like the best.         I purchased, not sponsored, these 2 products to test out.  The 14X14 tote bag and the tropical pattern  Infusible Ink  .  I love the bright vivid colors and of course, the hibiscus flowe

Floracraft Styrofoam Unicorn Horn Headband DIY!

 Floracraft Styrofoam Unicorn Horn Headband DIY! Unicorns are a thing of magic and wonder.  Everyone and everything wants to be a Unicorn.  Put a unicorn horn on everything!  Floracraft knows what we want and is releasing these Styrofoam horns in a 4 pack at Hobby Lobby in July--so you can make all the unicorn crafts easily.  Turn it into a cake topper, make a costume for your dog, add it to a pumpkin...or anything you can think of! I decided to turn mine into a headband.  One can never have too many crowns, tiaras or unicorn horn headbands.  In 15 minutes, minus some paint drying can have a gorgeous headband ready to wear! Supplies Needed: Foam Unicorn Horn Treasure Gold FolkArt Paint in Gold Marabu Feather Silk Flower Wide Headband Hot Glue/Gun Needle and Thread  Painting styrofoam is simple, but it needs a few coats.  I painted this horn about 4 times, letting it dry in between.  Now set your clock for 15 minutes and you'll be a unicorn in a jif