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Watercolor Floral Notebooks with The Cinch Binding Tool!

Watercolor Floral Notebooks with The Cinch! I love making notebooks, journals, diaries, or sketchbooks and The Cinch Binding Tool is the perfect way! I'll show you how to make your own notebooks for a great handmade gift, keeping track of wonderful doodles, journaling or just because! Make a wire bound notebook in just a few minutes. Three years ago I found The Cinch at my local thrift store for 15 bucks! I wasn't sure if it worked...that's the risk you take when you buy second hand. I debated a bit...but then knew I could return the device for store credit if it didn't work out. I bought it and have never looked back!  Here's a video of the Cinch Binding Machine in action from a previous post: The best part is that notebooks can be made however you want. Pick the size, pick the paper filler, mix it up! Get different size binding wires and make them as thick or thin as you like. I started with the 4 main books in the center, but after trimming down papers, I had a

Alcohol Ink Art Rainbow Resin Coasters DIY!

 Alcohol Ink Art Rainbow Resin Coasters DIY! Alcohol inks are the newest and greatest art medium. These coasters are petrified rainbows, frozen in place as a glorious work of art. They are addictive to make, look great on a table and will protect the table from condensing drinks. They are magical and turn out as a surprise each time! The inks dance and sink in the resin making the most interesting patterns. They are different every time, even if you drop the alcohol ink in them identically. It's like a Petri dish! See the tiny details of the alcohol inks suspended in the resin.  It's almost like looking at images magnified in a microscope. These are perfect for coasters or just art! The clear resin is the perfect canvas for the dancing of the alcohol inks. Supplies Needed: Alcohol Inks Silicone Mold EasyCast Clear Casting Resin Resin mixing supplies (2 measured cups, stirring sticks, and gloves) Cardboard box that fit