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Lucky Clover Cricut Infusible Ink Shirt DIY

Lucky Clover Cricut Infusible Ink Shirt DIY Have you tried Cricut's Infusible Ink yet? It's amazing! The Cricut Infusible Ink Transfers are cut in reverse and pressed onto the shirt, magically infusing the color and design right into the shirt in a smooth transfer.  Get the Cricut Joy if you don't have a big craft space! This cute lucky clover shirt is the perfect "pinch-proof" shirt to wear on St. Patrick's day!  Supplies Needed for Infusible Ink Shirt: Cricut Maker or cutting machine Cricut EasyPress 2 Infusible Ink Transfers Cricut Infusible Ink Shirt EasyPress Mat Cricut Design Space™ file Place the infusible ink transfer on the cutting mat with the colored side up. Design the image in Cricut Design Space, just find a clover image and slice the text to say Lucky over the top. Mirror the image before cutting it out. Then click the cut button on the Cricut and set the material to infusible ink transfers. Place the

How to Make Harry Potter Shirts with Cricut!

How to Make Harry Potter Shirts with Cricut! Make the perfect Harry Potter shirts for any occasion with the Cricut! I love Harry Potter! I love using my Cricut to create custom shirts, mugs and other items. Customizing things is the best! It's not always easy to find the exact shirt you have in mind, but if you can make it yourself, it's a win! The Cricut is my favorite crafting tool. I love the versatility that it offers and use it all the time. It is my go-to item for customizing gifts and of course, Harry Potter shirts! When I was in college I had to take public transportation (aka the UTA bus) to the University of Utah. I usually made the express bus in the morning with a lot of business commuters. One of my friend's husbands took the bus too. He was reading a gigantic book. I commented on it, remarking on what a big book it was. He just shrugged and said "it's just Harry Potter".  I sat there stunned, because I had no idea, not even a clue what that meant

Succulent Vase Magnet using FastCast Resin

  Posted first on Resin Crafts Blog Succulent Vase Magnet using FastCast Resin Make a cute succulent vase magnet with FastCast resin, a little faux succulent and a disc magnet, perfect for a fridge or locker ornament.  I love filling my fridge with wedding invitations, cards, kids artwork and more…most days my fridge looks completely cluttered.  I love this little plant on my fridge though, it adds a little bit of Springtime in my kitchen, without the stress of watering plants. SUPPLIES NEEDED FOR THIS SUCCULENT VASE MAGNET: FastCast Urethane Casting Resin Half Vase Silicone Mold (here's one that's similar) Small Succulent Stirring Sticks, Mixing Cups, Disposable Gloves and Worksurface Drill and Bit Magnet E6000 Glue STEP 1 RESIN CASTING VASE: Begin by reading the instructions for the FastCast resin very carefully. The FastCast resin sets so quickly that everything needs to be set up and ready to use. Then mix one part of resin and one part hardener in a mixin