Resin Conversation Heart Necklaces!

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Resin Conversation Heart Necklaces!

Conversation hearts are such an iconic Valentine treat! They aren't the best to eat, in fact they taste like chalk, but their endearing messages are what we know and love. Make a cute conversation heart inspired necklace with resin and letter beads.

Make your necklace read "Be Mine", "cute" or something entirely different! There's just room for a few beads in the mold, but have fun!

This is part of the creative Valentine's Day Crafts! See more here!


Stirring Sticks
Mixing Cups
Disposable Gloves
Heat Gun or mini torch

Step 1: Resin

Begin by mixing up a little bit of resin, just enough to fill the bottom half of the mold with resin. I mixed up 2 tablespoons and filled all the cavities in the mold. Mix one part of the resin and one part of the hardener. Then stir and scrape for 2 full minutes. 

Next, pour the resin into a second mixing cup and stir with a new stick for another full minute. Proper mixing is critical when working with resin.

Then carefully pour the resin in the molds until they are halfway full.

Step 2: Beads

Layout the beads upside down on the table. They will be the correct direction when set into the resin.

Let the resin sit for 20 minutes, then use a heat gun to pop any bubbles that have formed. Then wait another 30 minutes for the resin to gel slightly before placing the beads on the resin. 

The beads will look like they are upside down but if you lift up the mold, they should be the right direction. Use a stirring stick to get the beads aligned.

Step 3: Tinsel and Glitter

Next get the colorful tinsel. This tinsel is made for adding into hair for some shimmer. I simply cut off the bottom edge of it right over the heart shaped mold.

It’s a little like glitter and gets everywhere, but the metallic strands are so much fun! Use a small brush to wipe the tinsel into the resin.

Add a few pieces of heart shaped glitter if you want. Now mix up a tiny bit more resin and use it to fill the remaining heart shaped cavities. Set the mold aside and let it cure at least overnight.

Step 4: Necklace Time

Then next day the resin conversation hearts are easily popped out of the mold.

Use the E6000 glue to adhere the pendant bails to the back of the hearts. Let them cure for at least 4 hours.

Then attach the conversation heart pendants to a chain big enough to slip on over the head. I always use a 27 inch chain for myself.


Give these conversation hearts resin necklaces to a friend for Valentine’s day!

What do you typically do for Valentine's day? Do you get dressed up for a night out? Do you pass out handmade Valentine's?

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Ann Butler said…
I LOVE these, thanks for being part of our Valentine's Creative Crafts!
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Oh my gosh, these are adorable. Thank you for sharing and being a part of our Valentine's Day Creative Crafts!
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