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Simple Pirate Costumes DIY!

Simple and Easy Pirate Costumes DIY!
We love celebrating "Talk Like a Pirate" Day!  (Every Sept 19th)
Krispy Kreme gives out a dozen free donuts to everyone that dresses like a pirate.
Great for Halloween Costumes too!

Captain Jack Sparrow Layered Choker!

Pirate Hat!

Pirate Vest

Pirate Shirt from a t-shirt

Pirate Hooks from Hangers!

Pirate Treasure Map Tote!

Sea Life Soap

Message in a Bottle

Pirate Treasure Map

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Inflatable Jurassic Park Dinosaur Costume!

This costume is from Oriental Trading
I received it at no cost but I love it and would buy it.  Affiliate links included.
 Inflatable Jurassic Park Dinosaur Costume!
I usually make handmade Halloween costumes...every year.  But sometimes there are costumes that you just can't make.  I saw someone wearing this costume last year and I loved it.  I knew this had to be in my Halloween Costume collection.  Plus I am hoping my husband will wear it too!  Isn't it so fun!?
It's adult size but they have a kids size too!
Adult Dino Costume here
Child Dino Costume here
It arrives in a plastic snap case.
 It's easy to put on and zip up the front.  The front "neck" of the dino has clear plastic and netting for visibility and breathability.  The battery pack clips onto the wearers waist or slips in a pocket.  It uses 4 AA batteries, not included--but no big deal.
It inflates fully in just a minute.  The pants have elastic around the ankles and then the feet flare over the feet.  The tails scoots on the ground.  The arms are tiny and hilarious!  There are little mittens that fit over the wearers hands.
We walked around the neighborhood to give it a test run and we successfully pleased and scared some little kids!  Success!

Looks fun for spooking the neighbors or out trick or treating!
 Just by leaning forward and walking gives this dinosaur a stalking look.  So much fun!
Oriental Trading has thousand of Halloween Costumes and other ideas, so if this isn't just your favorite thing ever, check them out for more great ideas!  Or...you could easily make this a family themed costume and do the whole Jurassic Park theme!

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Make a Boutineer or Corsage!

Make a Boutineer or Corsage!
So when I was 16 I started dating.  I was asked to a formal dance my junior year.  Homecoming.  It was the first fancy dance I went to.  My friend asked me at school if I had bought my boutineer yet.  I had no idea that I needed to get a flower for my date.  I ordered one and guess what!?  It cost $20.  I was shocked.  I could have made it easily.  Worst part?  The rose snapped off at the dance anyway, so it was worthless.  After that day, I made my own funky flowers for my dates to wear.
My mom was a craft hoarder like me, so I just used stuff she already had
and came up with this funky little thing...that looked like onions and mixed fruit!
Check it out: my prom picture, junior year
 Hilarious, right?
It was just perfect for the evening.
Here's a quick DIY and you can adapt it any way you want.
Let's get started!
You will need:
A silk rose
Crystal pick (or you can use wire and loop on a couple beads)
Washi tape (I used silver)
I took this crystal pick and split it in half.
Then re-twisted it together.
Next, cut the flower stem so there is only 1 inch of stem.
Cut the wire pick to match the stem, so the rhinestones peek over the top of the rose.
Then wrap it tight, multiple times, with Washi tape!
So simple!  I used silver, but you could even use patterned tape--or make it match the girl's dress!
Pin it on for absolute perfection at a tenth of the cost of a fresh one!
Plus, it lasts forever!  Great for dances or weddings!
Would you ever make your own corsage or boutineer?
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This post published on Doodlecraft first 
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