No Tumbler Polished Rocks DIY with Envirotex Lite Resin Spray

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Posted first on Resin Crafts BlogShiny wet look smooth rocks made with out a rock tumbler

 No Tumbler Polished Rocks DIY

I love rocks!  Whenever I hike or go to the beach, my bag or tote gets filled with stunning rocks.  I love how the rocks look so glossy, bold and amazing when they are wet.  However when they are dry, they are dull and unimpressive.  It's a little bit disappointing. 

I do have a rock tumbler and that works great for polishing and shining rocks.  But, it takes weeks...months!  These rocks I found were really smooth anyway but they just needed a little oomph. 
  Before and After pictures of smooth beach rocks dull and dry, compared to polished with resin spray.

Create shiny wet look rocks using one simple item and about 30 minutes of drying time!  This technique is perfect for all those Summer vacations of collecting rocks around the city, at the beach or while camping.  Please don't take rocks out of protected areas.
  Round river washed smooth stones

Supplies Needed:

  • Smooth rocks  (these were curated near the ocean, so they are round and smooth)
  • Disposable work surface like a cardboard box
Envirotex clear high gloss resin spray with smooth dry rocks  
 This is resin in a spray can form!  It's amazing and gives everything a shiny and smooth resin-like finish!  Set the rocks in a cardboard box or on a piece of cardboard.  Set it outside in the sunshine.
  Smooth rocks set on cardboard to spray with resin 
 Use the resin spray and give each rock a layer of resin.  Spray from about 6-8 inches away in light layers.
  Spraying rocks with resin spray to make them shiny   
Then allow the rocks to dry and give them a second coat of spray, and again for a third light coat.  Then turn the rocks over and repeat the process for the other side.
  Shiny polished rocks made with resin spray 
Let the rocks dry and cure for a couple days.  Then put them in a dish and admire the ocean wet look on the rocks.  They are vibrant, colorful and impressive!
  No tumbler polished rocks diy using Envirotex lite high gloss resin spray.

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  No tumbler polished rocks diy using Envirotex lite high gloss resin spray.

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