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Letterboard 3D Flowers with Cricut Maker and DCWV Paper DIY

 Letterboard 3D Flowers with Cricut Maker and DCWV Paper DIY      Paper is one of my favorite crafting mediums.  It's inexpensive and always plentiful, at least at my house.  I love the bright colors, the glitter, the double sided, patterned and simple paper.  I decided to do a fun Mother's day craft, but can be used any time of year.  Dimensional flowers to use as pins on a letterboard...they are perfect with a mother's day quote!       The pins just slip in between the layers of the letterboard, just like the letters...and they stay put!  Make an entire bouquet, turn it into a floral wreath with a simple word inside...or just a few flowers to add color here and there. DCWV Letterboard      I love DCWV Letterboards, they are plastic--not felt, so they look perfect all the time and don't collect dust.  The 1 inch and 2 inch letters both fit in the letterboard and I love them.  This one is 16X20 and I love the size of it. Supplies Needed:

Alcohol Ink Painted Hexagon Coasters DIY

Alcohol Ink Painted Hexagon Coasters DIY      Alcohol ink is so much fun to play with and it pairs perfectly with ceramic tiles.  Make gorgeous, colorful coasters, wall art or just little home decor accents.  Wouldn't it be awesome to make a tiled coffee table with all these little alcohol ink tiles.  It would be stunning!  Any size of tile will work for this fabulous technique.  These tiles could be hand-lettered on for place settings or used as magnets with a magnet adhered to the back of them. Here's the video on the technique used in the's pretty straight forward: Supplies Needed:  (affiliate links included) Glazed  Ceramic Tiles  (any size) Rubbing Alcohol Pipette or Syringe Blow Dryer or Embossing Heat Gun Alcohol Inks      This is similar to a project I did before using 4 inch hexagon coasters.  They are colorful and bright, I just used India ink and gold leaf afterwards.  I still have them in my house and abso

Ultimate Marvel Fan Gold Iron On Vinyl Shirt with Cricut Maker

Ultimate Marvel Fan Gold Iron On Vinyl Shirt with Cricut Maker      This is the perfect shirt for a Super Hero Marvel fan.  Are you excited about seeing Avengers: Endgame?  My daughter is the most excited, so I made her this's the ultimate fan shirt.  If you have been around my blog long, you'll know I love making T-Shirts!  Shirt fashion is my absolute favorite DIY and it's a complete breeze to make a shirt in minutes.  T-shirts have become my go-to for a last minute gift.      We are so excited for the Captain Marvel movie coming out soon on March 8th!  My daughter whipped up this cute rock while we had some chatty company over one day.  I love it.  It's easy to across the top, blue across the bottom with a gold ribbon and a gold star!  Make one today! And, if you want to look the part at the movie, you could always make this fun Captain Marvel Star hoodie! Or the Ultimate Marvel Fan shirt...let's get started on thi