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How to Make Glitter Resin Tumblers

How to Make Glitter Resin Tumblers! Learn how easy and fun it is to make glitter resin tumblers. These tumblers are super sparkly with a variety of glitter colors and sizes! Customize these tumbler for any occasion! Wedding party color scheme, Graduation gift school colors, or just a favorite color! The resin coating makes these glitter tumblers super smooth and shiny. The glitter makes them super sparkly. The variety of glitters is so much fun. Trust me, you will want to make 4 of them for sure! I know, I know. 😉  Some people are getting sick of tumblers. Real people only need one tumbler for their entire life and they are good. They are super cute gifts--but sometimes are a burden for the recipient. Here's Unusual Things Tumblers Can be Used For: Drinks! Keep them colder longer or warmer longer with a tumbler! Pencil/Pen Holder Paintbrush Cup Spaghetti Keeper Straw Holder Utensil Caddy Hair Accessory Holder (put scrunchies around the tumbler and clips inside) Fill with chocolate

How to Make Letterboard Letters with Resin!

Posted on Resin Crafts Blog Previously How to Make Letterboard Letters with Resin! Learn how to make letterboard letters with FastCast resin in just minutes. Letterboards are so much fun for parties and occasions, but sometimes don't come with enough letters or you need some custom letters made. Learn how to make your own resin letterboard letters using FastCast Urethane Casting Resin, some toothpicks, stick-on jewels and just a few minutes! I bought some small letterboards but they did not come with any letterboard letters.  I decided to make my own letters using Castin’ Craft FastCast Resin.  This type of resin cures fast, in just 15 minutes.  It dries white, not clear, so it’s great for resin applications that don’t need to be see-through. This resin project also works great if you are doing just a few specific letters, rather than trying to mass produce every letter in duplicate for future use.  If you have a silicone mold, you can turn anything into a letterboard pin using thi

How to Make Marbled Polymer Clay Earrings!

How to Make Marbled Polymer Clay Earrings! Learn how fun and simple it is to make marbled polymer clay earrings! Polymer clay bakes is soft to work with and bakes hard in the oven. Marbling the clay makes gorgeous quartz crystal effects, paired with gold leaf for the ultimate classy earrings. These gorgeous earrings are made from polymer clay...and let's just say, it's impossible to make just one! Even a small batch of clay will yield a few pairs of earrings, so maybe you'll want to make some to sell, gift or hoard all of them! Easily worth $12 a pair! It's kind of a big investment to start making these marbled polymer clay earrings, so jump in and make a bunch to sell--that will help cover your costs. Supplies Needed for Marbled Polymer Clay Earrings: Translucent Sculpey Clay Aqua Acrylic Craft Paint (or color of your choice) Gold Leaf Sheets Liquid Sculpey  (mine is gold, but clear works too) Clay Cutters  (this kit comes with earring hardware too) Jewelry Resin Hypo