Geometric Resin Wood Bookend DIY

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Geometric Resin Wood Bookend DIY
Resin is such a fun medium to work with.  I love the combination of wood and resin.  The smooth and the rough.  This bookend is the perfect combination project.
Have you crafted with resin before?  It's so fun and very addicting.  There's so many varieties of resin and so many uses, there's sure to be one that you'll love.  This is a casting resin craft.
You will need:
Chunk of wood (mine is cedar)
Mold that fits the wood
Transparent resin dye
EasyCast Resin

Sand Paper in various grits

High Gloss Resin Spray

Begin by mixing up enough resin to fill half of your mold.  You will need to read and follow the package instructions carefully.  Work in a well ventilated area, wear gloves, work on a disposable surface and have fun.  Okay, so 1 part of resin, 1 part of hardener.  Mix for 2 minutes, pour into a second mixing cup and mix again for another full minute.  Then pour the resin in the mold.  Let it sit for 30 minutes and then gently place the wood chunk right on top of the clear resin.  Let it cure overnight.
Now you can pull the wood and resin out of the mold.
Next step is to mix up the same amount of resin as earlier and add a couple drops of transparent dye.  I used green.  Pour it in the mold and let it sit for about 20-30 minutes, just as before.
Then take the resin and wood and place it right on top of the green resin.  Let it cure overnight, then remove the wood and resin.
Before snapping a picture, I immediately took my resin to the sander and made lots of sharp surfaces and edges.  Randomly sanding away until the resin looks very crystalline.

Next began the process of sanding.  Sand each edge about 5 minutes with each grit.
I used 150 grit and sanded every edge.
Then 240 grit.

Followed by 320 grit.
And then 400 grit.

On to 600 grit.
Next 1000 grit.

And then 1200 grit.

Next, 1500 grit...can you see how much smoother it's becoming!?

Then the 2000 grit.
And the 3000 grit.
That's it--all the grits I have.  I was exhausted after all that sanding...and look--still streaks of sanding.  You could sand all day long to get it really smooth.

Or, just give it a quick spray of Resin Spray Clear Gloss Finish!
After one coating, the resin looks clear and amazing.
I love how this geometric resin bookend turned out!  Make 2 so you have a pair--or just stack the books flat and set this on top like a paperweight.
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