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Enamel Painted Ceramic Mug!

 Hand stamped Ceramic Mug!  I wanted to my own take of Anthropologie's monogrammed Mug  Supplies: Mug FolkArt Enamel Paint Rubber Stamps I picked a swirly vine rubber stamp. Anything with too much detail is not going to work. I squeezed some paint out on wax paper And brushed it on the stamp And then rolled it onto the mug. Not as smooth as I was hoping, but still looks cool! Added some pink flowers... and then mixed the teal and pink paints together to make this purple periwinkle! And added on some circles... Like this. Then follow the directions on the paint. Place your mug in the oven and heat it up to 350*. Bake for 30 minutes. Remove and let cool. Awesome! This post published on Doodlecraft first

Patriotic Crafts!

Patriotic Crafts! Burlap Wreath Phonetic Sign Flag Pallet Lollipops Patriotic Decor Flag Tee Stacked Tray Tablecloth This post published on Doodlecraft first

Magic Bean Necklace: Once Upon a Time!

 Magic Bean Necklace: Once Upon a Time! We loved watching Once Upon a Time! Can't wait for the next season! My 5 year old had a craft idea he pitched to me after watching an episode... "Let's make a magic bean necklace--we could use hot glue!"  Just like the magic bean that Baelfire got to jump to a realm with no magic.  And Hook had one...lost his hand for it.  Plus Tony/Tiny the giant...His dying brother gave  him the last sprout in a bottle with a cork.  So we combined the bean and the jar. I used a silicone mat and hot glue...just squeezed the glue out in the shape of a bean.  Let them dry...yes, I made tons!  I used this cork bottle from Oriental Trading. I've used them for Doctor Who Tardis necklace and Mini Terrariums .  Just shoved the magic bean inside... Corked it and added a chain!  He was thrilled!  He loved to see his handy work come to life!  Ready for portal jumping!  Oh yeah...and anyone ever played K

Glitter Star Hairpins!

 Glitter Star Hairpins!  You'll need glitter foam and bobby pins! And some hot glue.  Cut out the desired shape and hot glue it to the hairpin.  Great for the Holidays! Check out these other ones too! Arrows! Shamrocks! Hearts! This post published on Doodlecraft first

Burlap Flag Wreath!

 Burlap Flag Wreath! Do you like this Burlap wreath or the Mesh fabric wreath better???  Let's start with a wreath base. A burlap wreath is good for any season or holiday and can be changed out regularly! You might remember seeing this "Everything is Awesome" wreath ?? This burlap was sent to me from They have everything you can think of with Burlap! Ribbon, table cloths, table runners, bags, buntings, seasonal, boxes, lace, curtains, pillows, flowers and more! I just got a big roll of burlap fabric...a 40" by 5 yard roll of it! Look here, it's on clearance for less than $7!  You'll need: wreath form burlap pipe cleaners or wire hot glue/gun   I used this used/reused wreath form.  I cut strips of burlap...about 8 to 10 inches wide.  Gather up one side of it and set it on the wreath form...  While holding it gathered, wrap a pipe cleaner around it and twist it tight.  Now fold the burlap back over the top