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Copper Gratitude Autumn Wreath DIY

I received these goodies from Oriental Trading in exchange for this post.
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Copper Gratitude Autumn Wreath DIY
I needed an Autumn wreath for the side door and wanted something shiny.  I love how this turned out with bright copper and metallic leaves.  The lettered gratitude is the finishing touch!
 You will need:
Copper Shimmer fabric
Willow Wreath Form
Metallic Leaf Garland
Wood sign
Hot glue sticks and gun
 Cut the shimmer fabric into 6 inch strips.  It arrives folded and rolled, so the crease would be hard to get out.  I cut it at the fold and used the strips to wrap around the wreath.
 Each strip is attached simply with a lark's head/girth hitch.
Just loop the fabric's center under the wreath.
 And thread the tails of the strip into the loop.
 Pull tight and done.  Perfect!  Repeat a million times.
 Once the wreath form is covered with shimmer fabric, just wrap the metallic leaf garland between every knot.  Easy peasy!  I used exactly the entire garland and twisted it to itself on the backside of the wreath.
 Then just scoot some of the shimmer fabric to the side and hot glue the sign right onto the willow wreath form.  I used a piece of scrap wood from the garage and hand lettered "gratitude" on it.  I used brown paint with a touch of metallic bronze on top.
 Hang it up and enjoy the cool breeze, the crunchy leaves and the bright harvest moon!
Sweater weather is the best!
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Single Mug of Hot Chocolate Recipe!

 Single Mug of Hot Chocolate Recipe!
Sometimes I want hot cocoa, but I don't want to make a ton of it.
Here's a simple recipe for just one cup!
 Fill your mug 3/4 full of milk (I use 1%)
My mug is oversized, so half it for only 8 oz of milk.
Microwave until the temperature you like it.  I put mine in for 2 minutes.
 Then add 2 spoonfuls of cocoa powder.
 And 2 spoonfuls of granulated sugar.
 Stir it up!
Mine has always been warm enough to dissolve the sugar, but if you are
making a cooler variety, use powdered sugar.
 Then sit back and enjoy!
Perfect for a cold winter night!
(or any day of the week)

And if you want to make a big batch, here's a recipe!
Hot Cocoa Mix

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650 Handmade DIY Christmas Gifts Ideas!

Handmade gifts are my favorite type of giving during the holidays...but they take a little time to make so you have to be thinking about it well before Christmas.  Here are loads of fun ideas for all age ranges to make a handmade touch.  With 650 ideas, you are sure to find something for everyone on your list!

Leaf Pendants

Buffalo Plaid Wreath

Metallic Tardis Pillow

Pony Ear Headband

Faux Stained Glass Tardis Vase

Tropical Coloring Supplies

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Marbled Stationery

Harry Potter Geek Shirts

Harry Potter Book of Monsters Journal

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Geeky Cameo Pins

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String Art

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Silicone Mold and Resin Cast

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Make Today Awesome

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Wow Bag

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Here's 487 more ideas!

Handmade gifts are the BEST!  They help children think of others and get more excited about what they are giving instead of receiving!

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This post published on Doodlecraft first 
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