Gold Leaf High Gloss Resin Canvas Painting

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Gold Leaf Canvas Painting with High Gloss Resin
I love abstract art.
Let me rephrase that...I love making abstract art.  It's so much fun when it is your own creation and your own touch.  You can find the beauty in simply finger painting like a boss and letting go of perfection.  You must try it, it is so healing.
This piece is so much fun for me.  I love blues.  I love metallics...and it's more than okay to mix those metallic colors.  I used silver, gold and variegated leaf on this canvas and 4 shades of blue acrylic paint.
The real star of the show that makes this piece of art amazing is the pour on High gloss resin from EnviroTex Lite.  It gives it a thick glossy coat and makes it shine like a mirror!  I received this product at no cost, but love it enough to buy it anyway.
Let's get started!
You will need:
Stretched canvas (16x20)
Paint (4-5 shades of acrylic paint)
Paint brush
Gold leaf and adhesive
 Begin by squeezing some paint on the canvas.
 I like to paint mine in either horizontal or vertical strokes, but this is your creation, so just go with it!
 Add more paint in another shade, move it around...add more paint and mix it in.
You can see I have only 3-4 diagonal lines showing, and some patches of blank canvas...this is a difficult thing for me to do, but I love how it looks!  Paint until you are satisfied!  If you don't like it, let it dry and build it up again.  
 Let the paint dry completely.
Then use a smaller paint brush and paint some strategic places with gold leaf adhesive.  You want a good amount, so the metallic touch shows...but not too much that it covers the whole painting.
 Let the adhesive dry.  Then place pieces of gold, silver and variegated leaf right on top of the adhesive.  Add pieces of each tone in all the places.  It will stick and flake off everywhere, but it adds a great touch.
 Once it's all in place, use a stiff brush, like a stencil brush to dust off the excess the stuff that didn't adhere to the canvas.
 And, ta-da!  This looks fabulous, there's some texture, some sparkle and some tropical ocean side calling to me.  But, we can make this so much better!  Let's take this from a high school project to a professional painting!
 You will need a piece of wood that fits inside the canvas.  Just measure it and cut it to fit.  Or use a wood stretched canvas.  The canvas will sag if it is not supported underneath.
 I worked in the garage, but find a place that will be undisturbed for 24 hours.  Place a plastic trash bag on the table.  Then the wood piece on the bag...actually in hindsight, I would set the wood up on 4-6 soup cans so the resin can drip off without sticking to the sides.  
 Then set the canvas on top and get the resin ready.
Read the instructions completely each time you use it.  This resin is a 1 to 1 ratio.  Pour one part of A into the mixing cup and then exactly the same amount of B.  Stir with a stick for 2 minutes...then pour all the mixed resin into another cup and use a different stick and stir for one more minute.  This ensures complete mixing of the resin.
 Then pour right into the center of the canvas.  
Use a new mixing stick or a credit card to spread the resin around the top of the canvas.
 Use a heat gun to remove any air bubbles.  A lighter flame works too.
 Then close the doors and don't let anyone near it for 24 hours.
Already it is so shiny!  Look at the lights reflecting off it!
 After drying clean up the edges with scissors and some sandpaper.  
And look at that shine!  It is glossy and mirror-like!  Makes it hard to take a picture of because it has so much depth in that glossy finish.
 I love it.  Look at that texture with the canvas and the flaky gold leaf, but it is as smooth as glass.
Make your own art to match your personality and home decor!  What do you think about abstract art?  Would you make one of your own?  What colors would you do it?
And everyone loves this geometric horse statue too!  I call him Maximus.
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gmanshk said…
This is amazing. I love the colors. thanks for sharing.