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11 Lovely Lighting DIY Posts Round-Up!

11 Lovely Lighting DIY Posts Round-Up! Lights are the best!  Have you made your own light feature before?  Lights are way easier to make than they look.  They are the perfect way to brighten a room or brighten the night!  Check out these fun 11 light diy's and pick your favorite! Solar Power Marquee Fluffy Rain Cloud Light Fancy Chandelier Crystal Tea Light Lamp with himmeli shade! Root Beer Keg Lamp! Diamond Himmeli Light Light Painting! Light up Maleficent staff! Teapot Lamps! Marquee Monogram Which is your favorite!?  These are inspiring me to build another light too! This post published on Doodlecraft first 

Rubix Cube Paper Lantern 80's Party DIY

I received supplies from Oriental Trading in exchange for this post. All opinions and ideas are my own.  Rubix Cube Paper Lantern 80's Party DIY Themed parties are so much fun...even for adults!  I just had an 80's themed birthday party for my 37th and it was a blast!  The full party will post in March, but here's a sneak peak!  Use square paper lanterns and squares of brightly colored paper to make a fun Rubix cube design.  The perfect backdrop for an old school party.  You will need: Blue Square Paper Lanterns (3 pk) Colored paper Paper cutter Hot Glue/Gun Magic Cubes for fun!  The paper lanterns are about 10 inches square.  Put the wire inside the lanterns to make them puff up.  Some of the tissue paper on my lanterns was torn a bit, but it's okay.  Next, use the paper cutter to cut the bright paper into 2.75 inch squares.  Hot glue the squares right onto the sides of the lanterns.  I filled 4 sides with squares, not the top or the bottom.

Funny Nose Wig Mustache T-shirt using Freezer Paper!

This post is sponsored by Cricut. I receive products at no cost in exchange for posts.  Funny Nose Wig Mustache T-shirt using Freezer Paper! Anyone doing No Shave November? We made a bunch of funny tee shirts for family members...every 6 months or so we have a funny t-shirt contest at our extended family parties.  Everyone designs funny shirts and I (or my brother) make some of them.  Nearer the beginning of the year we played a fun game called Snake Oil .  Have you played it?  It's similar in style to Apples to Apples, but you are basically a salesman and have to pitch an idea using 2 of your cards, based on the theme card picked by the merchant. My husband was the merchant and the category was "dictator".  My daughter pitched the idea that every good dictator needs a "nose wig" (those were her 2 cards).  We all burst out laughing and she won the round.  My sister in law decided she wanted a shirt in that memory. ~ It's inexpensive to