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Mad-Hatter Teapot Lamps...part III

No, you are not dreaming...and no, my blog 
didn't just revert to a few months back...here and here
I am hooked on making Teapot Lamps!
I made 8 this month!

   Yes, I am crazy!
I fell in love with this little shortie...It must be mine now.
The rest I will be selling...
{there's even more in the window in the background...}
{{certifiably insane}}
 I joined the Ucreate challenge this month with lamps!


Polka dot plant stand!

get a cheap plant stand ($4)
Paint and mildly distress
(I distress because I have children, and it's bound to happen anyway)

Remember this stuff?
I got a ton of computer paper at a yard sale for the
kids to color on...and thought I would 
use these streamers as a stencil!
{in theory, you don't really need a stencil for polka dots...
but I felt like it was the safer way to go}

Cover and tape strategically...not to cover any dots.

Brush paint them in...if it goes on too thick, it makes a mound, so watch it!

Peel away paper while still "tacky" and set out to dry!

Then I sanded down the top lightly, sprayed it with clear coat and ta da!

I didn't overstage this one so you could see the top!
Totally hooked on this color!


Our Staycation and the best smore ever!
(awesomely took place simultaneously!)

My hubby has been home for a couple weeks
and leaves again soon...
so, I've taken a couple weeks off of
blogging just to enjoy him...
{I'll catch you up over the next month or so!}

We set up camp in the backyard!
 I made and ate the best smore ever!
 (chocolate graham crackers...2 Mr. Goodbars and
1 Reese's...no wonder it was so good!)


Halloween in a Galaxy Far far away...

 2008 was one of our "poorest" Halloweens.
We just didn't have the money for elaborate costumes...
we thought!

Jared was born at the beginning of September, 
and I had a lot of late night feedings with him.
While I would feed him, I would contemplate how 
I could make Halloween costumes for our family.

My number 1 and number 2 decided we should do a 
STAR WARS themed Halloween.
Dan let me know that he wanted to be General Greivous
Hay wanted to be Shaak Ti
and they wanted Jare to be Yoda...Mike to be Darth Maul,
and I was to be Barriss Offee...yes we know Star Wars quite well.
What to do?

Mike shaved his head bald and we used paint we already had.
The horns were cheap latex horns we found at Smiths 
and he glued them on his head with spirit gum
(which we already had)
Black "jedi" costume and robe we already had from
the Ringwraith costume 2 years back...
 I had some white material and 
some green dye laying around...
after dying the material I fashioned a hat...
with "rabbit" ears for the baby Yoda.  
Brown material with a hole cut for the head and
tied with a belt over his little pajamas...
Not that he liked it...
 Mine was easy...green skin (done with eyeshadow),
black beanie, black robe (had both) 
and some eyeliner drawn diamonds and lips.
The challenge was #1 and #2...
I had a late night epiphany!
I would make the head piece with a ski mask and "fun" foam!
I then painted the foam...cut a tennis ball in half and sewed it to the hat...
then pinned in the side foam pieces...the cape was 
sewn with material I already had as well, 
and shoulder pauldrons stitched on.
For Shaak Ti, I used the white material I used for Yoda...
keeping it white and colored stripes with teal crayon.  
I used a red beanie to construct the hat...sewing horns 
and stuffing them with cotton.  I was so blessed
as I made this headdress!  Everything worked perfectly!
  The robe was with some brown material I already had...
I made her a brown dress as well.
Some red and white paint and Ta Da!
It's times like these when all that "hoarding" has paid off!
This was such an awesome, memorable Halloween...
We went to Walmart to have some family pics taken and got tons of attention!
People gathered around and wanted their pic taken with Darth Maul!
Way fun!
We always say when it comes to costumes there are 3 options:
1. Cheap
2. Fast
3. Quality
But, you only get to pick 2!
We got Cheap and Quality, but they took some time!

Thanks for looking!


Bathroom redo!

I finally finished up the bathroom!

Spackled, painted a fresh coat of blue 
(it was in the garage already, so it was free!)
and hung up the new chicken wire bow holder frame!

Not so great...all the bows were just hanging 
on ribbons and a ribbon "web" I hot 
glued together years ago!
 It's the little things in life!


My Toy Story box

Remember Toy Story 2?
This was my favorite part of the movie!
I love his pull out box!
I found this ugly wood pull out sewing box
at the thrift store...and forgot to take a
picture before I took it apart and sanded it!

I spray painted it Charcoal and glazed it with a black glaze

I added some sweet vinyl...


It is so much awesomer!
Just needs eyeballs, arms, and a little coat rack in there!

Thanks for looking!

Teapot Mad-Hatter Teaparty Lamp revisited!!!

 Here's my lamps again!
I was published in Ginger ScrapStreet Magazine!

This article was called "Down the Rabbit Hole"
And features awesome Alice in Wonderland projects!
Check them out, so fun!

 You know you want one.
  I will have a vendor booth in July where a couple
of these little guys will make their debut!

Upcycled American Tee!

I scrambled to get everyone in Red, White and Blue this morning!
And to my dismay, neither I, nor my daughter had
anything to symbolize our patriotism in clothing!

I hurried and took the cloth flags off a couple 
of those cheap stick flags and sewed them on an old shirt.
 Good thing it was old...my daughters shirt ended up 
covered in a Blue Raspberry snowcone!
 I did a crazy stitch so I wouldn't have to over think the straightness!
They turned out great, 
unlike these pictures and their midnight photoshop fury!
Happy Fourth!


Patriotic Pinwheels!

I have just been dying to make pinwheels!
Today my dreams came true!

I made this originally for the GNO I went to on Thursday...
{check out the awesomeness HERE at Michelle's Blog}
but I knew it would become part of my patriotic decor for July!
I opted for an nontraditional coloration of red, white and blue!
 I hot glued a half of a styrofoam ball onto my 
platter for the perfect pinwheel holder...
The matchboxes had 2 chocolates in them with my 
blog address...basically a "business" card!
I used Stampin' Up's Matchbox die in my bigshot but it's basically this pattern!

GNO photo: taken from Michelle

 Yes, I wore a giraffe print dress...
Among the compliments of the day was my 9 year old son Dan,
He said "mom, I like your giraffe suit!" 
Thanks for looking!
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