Sparrow Wall Art Custom Silicone Mold!

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 Sparrow Wall Art Custom Silicone Mold!
Do you ever have something you wish you could make more of?  Or someone else really wants what you have?  I do.
I have these adorable vintage burwood sparrow wall hangings.
These sparrows are so cute and I love how they lay flat against the wall but are still dimensional.
Well, my sister in law loved them's how you can duplicate vintage family heirlooms!
Imagine any little figurines you love...small knick knacks...etc.
You will need:
This is amazing and makes a silicone mold in's food safe too.
Depending on the size of your project, you'll need a varying amount.
I use 1/2 lb for the small bird.  The bird measures 4 by 3.5 inches.
You need a putty mass large enough to give a good border and accommodate the thickness.
 It comes as one part of purple and one part of white.
Once it is mixed you have a limited time to work with the putty before it sets firm.

 Mix it together until it is all incorporated.
Then flatten slightly to the size needed for the object.
 Place the object on the top of the clay, face down.
 Press in gently.
Do not press it all the way to the table.  
You want some cushion underneath to make a good mold.
Let it harden completely.  Only takes around 30 minutes.
Then it easily lets your item pop out and the mold is ready for use!
You could totally make a fancy heirloom chocolate right now! 
I used a  1 lb. box of silicone putty for the large bird that measures 5.5 by 5 inches.
It's a substantial size, but worked with ease.
Now let's cast it.
Fast Cast is my new best friend.
It dries white.  It sets in 10 minutes.  It is so fun and fast!
It mixes with one part casting resin, one part hardener.
Read the directions thoroughly.
It takes a 2 part mixing stage...and it has to be done quickly because it sets so fast.
So make sure you are all set up before starting.
 Pour carefully into the silicone molds.
 You can literally watch it harden before your eyes!
When it gets hard enough to hold it's shape, you can insert a 
paper clip piece or wire for hanging.
 Let it set completely and pop them out of the molds.
I used some tiny scissors to do some touch up work on the edges.
I love the detail!  It's just like the original!
I did another set with fast cast and added a drop of green
 and 3 drops of blue opaque pigment dye.
 Same process with the stirring and mixing and pouring.
 Add that clip if you want.
 Pop them out and they are ready to hang and rival the original!
You can paint them any color you like too!
Awesome, right?  
Can you think of something fun that you want to duplicate?
This would be a great gift idea for family members.
 I love these sparrows.
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