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Marbled Soap with Soap Shavings!

 Marbled Soap with Soap Shavings!
This soap is a combination of 2 kinds of soap, so it looks marbled and cool!
 I've made some soaps before.
My older son is a Den Chief with the younger Cub Scouts.
They learned about whittling last month and got to carve a bar of soap.
I love the thick curls of ivory soap and asked my son to save them.
He brought them home, more proud of the shavings than his carving!

 You will need:
Stephenson Melt & Pour Crystal Soap Base
Soap shavings
Soap Mold
Glass container and spoon
 Aren't those lovely soap shavings?
 Melt the soap base in a microwave container.
Melt for 1 minute, then stir.  Repeat until melted completely.
 Pour about 1/4 inch of soap base into the mold.
 Let it set up slightly and then add some soap shaving curls.
 Let it set.
Then add more soap base to cover the shavings.
 Let it set up.
Then fill the rest of the mold with soap base.
Let it set up completely.
 Remove from molds and enjoy!
 I used different sizes and cut some up into pieces.  I love the marbled, 2 toned look!
Soap is so much fun to make and design.
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Calligraphy Valentines with a Watercolor Wash!

 Calligraphy Valentines with a Watercolor Wash!
Handmade Valentines are perfection.
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for Calligraphy and lettering fun daily!
 Especially paired with a bouquet of roses, right!?
 ProFlowers sent me this bouquet of roses to use in this post.
I picked this bouquet.
24 short stem Rainbow roses, but
they have a bunch of beautiful arrangements for Valentine's day!
They will arrive different than the picture.
They come wrapped carefully in a box and you arrange them yourself.
The vase they sent was too tall for the roses, so I used a mason jar.
The roses are in bud form and they don't layer the same as the ProFlowers photo.
It's just real life.  They are beautiful roses and a great range of colors.
 I love the combination of watercolors and Calligraphy together.
If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen it!
I put a video together showing my process.
I sped up the watercolor painting and calligraphy to 4X speed,
 except the Yellow one...it is real time so you can see the speed I regularly go.

Cut a sheet of watercolor paper in quarters.
Tape them down to an easy to clean surface with painters tape.
Use lots of water and dabs of paint.  Let them dry completely.
 You can use a blow dryer to speed up the drying process.
Once dry, you can hand letter right on top.
I used an oblique nib holder and a Brause 66 EF
(which is actually not a great nib for coarse watercolor paper, but it's my favorite)
I also used Dr. Ph. Martin's copper ink.
 Modern Calligraphy is similar to cursive lettering.
You want to create a thick downstroke and a thin or hairline upstroke.
Practice practice practice!
Faux Calligraphy is also an excellent choice for beginners.
 I wrote some fun quotes and a Be My Valentine.
The copper shimmers and shines in the sunlight.
A fancy envelope seals the deal.  I used a bunch of canceled stamps on it too!
 Paired with a bouquet of roses for perfection!
Letter on your favorite quotes for inspiration!
Makes great wall art, handouts for church, invitations to parties or weddings,
 handmade gifts and more!
 Watercolors and Calligraphy are a match made in heaven!
Hope this inspires you to make some handmade Valentine's!

Here's some more inspiration for Calligraphy and Watercolors!
Get some and try it out, you will love it and become hooked!
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This post published on Doodlecraft first 
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