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10 Handmade Mother's Day Gifts!

10 Handmade Mother's Day Gifts! Hey friends--Mother's day is just around the corner! It's Sunday May 14th, yes, I just had to look it up. There's still plenty of time to get some supplies together and make a handmade gift. I love a useful gift with a handmade custom touch! Usually we keep Mother's day pretty chill. I don't need anything, but I love a hand written note. Here's an awesome round up of 10 handmade gifts that would be perfect for Mother's day! How to Make an Engraved Leather Bracelet with xTool M1 Laser Cutting Machine Vintage Frame Ring Holder Display Refillable Leather Journal How to Make a Laser Cut Ornate Frame! How to Make Paper Baskets Damask Polymer Clay Pendants made with Sculpey How to Make Rhinestone Hair Clips How to Make Etched Baking Dishes How to Make a Mug with Cricut Infusible Ink in the Oven! How to Engrave Acrylic Keychains with Cricut Maker That's it--Happy Mother's Day! Which of these 10 handmade crafts is your f

How to Make an Engraved Leather Bracelet with xTool!

How to Make an Engraved Leather Bracelet with xTool! Learn how to make an engraved leather bracelet with the xTool M1 Laser Cutting Machine. This stunning bracelet is the perfect custom gift to make for Mother's day, and took less than 5 minutes from start to finish! Here's my mama and me. 🥰 🥰 🥰  My mom passed away a week before my 17th birthday. I started celebrating mother's day for me, instead of feeling sad that she is no longer around. I know she would love this bracelet! Supplies Needed for Engraved Leather Bracelet: Leather Bracelet Blank xTool M1 10W Deluxe RA2 Pro Simple Design ( I wrote Beauty and paired it with line drawn hibiscus) xTool Creative Space (XCS) free download Step 1: Design Begin by opening up the xTool Creative Space software.  Then import picture files.  I import png files so the background is removed and the lines are sharp. Step 2: Line up Bracelet Set the leather bracelet blank inside the xTool M1 Laser Cutting machine. I used painters tape t

Vintage Frame Ring Holders!

Vintage Frame Ring Holders! Turn an old frame into a stunning ring display holder! Upcycled crafts are my favorite. I love taking something old and making it something new. Make ring display holders for gifts, displays for boutique sales, or just to display your favorite rings on your nightstand. This fabulous tutorial on upcycling vintage Frames into Ring Display cases was done in 2012.  It was posted so long ago, I knew it was time to dust it off and push it out again. Did you see it the first time back in 2012?  If you did, you deserve a medal. 🏅  Gorgeous right?  I just love to see ALL my rings in one place! These cheap cocktail rings double as home decor now! Supplies Needed for Vintage Frame Ring Holders: Old Picture Frame (no glass) Paint (spray paint or acrylic craft paint) Cardboard (slightly bigger than the back of the frame) Towels (new, old or scraps) Velvet Fabric  Hot Glue/Gun Ruler Scissors Craft Stick (tongue depressor or popsicle stick) Step 1: Picture Frames Start wi