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Doctor Halloween Costume with Cricut

Doctor Halloween Costume with Cricut! I had such a fun opportunity to make Doctor Halloween costumes for a couple of my friends little girls. The Cricut Maker made it a cinch--and they turned out super cute!  Add the perfect finishing touches to a Halloween costume using iron-on vinyl and a  Cricut cutting machine . Supplies Needed: Cricut cutting machine Cricut Iron-on Vinyl Scrubs, lab coats, first aid bag Cricut EasyPress 2 EasyPress Mat Step 1: Lab Coat Pick a design you like and upload it into Cricut Design Space, or design the text yourself. Cut the iron-on vinyl in mirror image.  Then weed the excess iron-on vinyl away. If it's multiple layers, line it up for reference. Then remove all but the bottom layer and press it with the hot EasyPress 2.  If you are doing more than 1 layer, just heat it for half the time then let it cool down and remove the carrier sheet. Repeat for the second layer with the full amount. Repeat for the text on the pocket. Make a perfect mini lab coat

Legend of Zelda Link Cosplay with Hylian Shield + Master Sword DIY

Legend of Zelda Link Cosplay with Hylian Shield + Master Sword DIY In our home we absolutely love Legend of Zelda. We love all things Nintendo, but Link is our favorite. When my son was 5 or so, he asked me to make him a Link costume that he could wear around the house and yard.  He was thrilled with the green tunic and pointy hat I sewed in just a few minutes.  He still loves Link and wore this fun cosplay to a local Fandom Convention. He got so much attention, pictures taken and hugs! We made the outfit a couple years ago, and there's a full post on that here.   In 2019 year he wanted to improve on the sword and shield...essentially upgrade from a wooden shield and sword to the Hylian Shield and the Master Sword. Supplies Needed for Hylian Shield and Master Sword: Plywood/jigsaw Paint/paintbrushes Freezer Paper Cricut Iron Stencil Brush Begin by making the shield out of scrap wood in the garage and a jigsaw.  Paint it blue with some acrylic craft paint. Here's whe

Trophy Wife Shirt with Cricut Foil Iron-on DIY

Trophy Wife Shirt with Cricut Foil Iron-on DIY Trophy Wife...but like a participation trophy. Are you a trophy wife...or do you know one? This fun shirt is a funny gift for someone who is really rocking it, but likes a laugh. Shirts are easy to customize with Cricut iron-on and a few tools. I love making customized shirts to wear, give as gifts or rock during Zoom call. I totally consider myself a trophy wife, but I did in fact, make this shirt for myself. I love it and it's a great conversation starter...if there were any places to have conversations. You know the events, clubs, extra curricular activities that give a trophy to everyone? I thought this concept would make a funny shirt. In my family, we have regular contests to make funny shirt ideas...this one would win for sure! Have you made a funny shirt before? Supplies Needed for Trophy Wife Shirts: Cricut Maker (or cutting machine) Cricut Foil Iron-on (gold) Black T-shirt Cricut EasyPress 2 and Mat Cricut Design Space Step 1