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10 Dr Seuss Day Crafts!

I love Dr. Seuss books!  When I was little we would borrow them from the library and have my dad read to us at night.  I thought that only my dad was smart enough to read the big, silly words.  My favorite book was "The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins".  Sadly, it is one of the books I don't have in my collection.  I love the "Butter Battle Book" too.  I think you can find morals in the stories among all the silliness.  I love to read them to my own kids too.  Even as older kids and teens, they love story time. Here's some fun crafts and project to do to celebrate Dr. Seuss day on March 2nd. Cindy Lou Headband Green Eggs Star Belly Sneetches Shirt! Cat in the Hat Cookie Stacks! The Butter Battle Book Homemade Butter in minutes! Truffula Tree Pens from The Lorax One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish! Make an easy magnetic fishing set! Cindy Lou Who Hairdo from How the Grinch Stole Christmas Teacup

Rustic Glam High Tea Party!

 Rustic Glam High Tea Party! It's fun to have a fancy spring party, a tea party for friends to gather and chat.  I love all the gold in this set up!  These awesome home decor pieces are from Oriental Trading .  They are the number 1 place for all things party and home decor!  The gold terrariums and candlesticks are part of my everyday decor.  The wood slices are a fun rustic element that can be used for staging anything.  My favorite part is the cutlery, totally plastic.  Looks super fancy and chic...and I don't have to wash it.    Here's the fun Oriental Trading things I used to achieve this look: White Bird Cage Gold Candle Sticks Gold Vases Gold Terrariums Succulents Wood Slice Wood Slice Coasters Textured Bottle vase White textured vase Premium Gold Cutlery Fairy Lights Lace Tablecloth  Then add some gold doilies for placemats and a fun tea cup or two.  I used a picture frame as a mat too.  Fairy lights add the fun ambiance and mood.  Calligraphy