Geeky Custom Resin Cameo Pins DIY!

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Geeky Custom Resin Cameo Pins DIY! 

If you've hung around here at Doodlecraft very long, you'll know I love sci-fi and fantasy geekery. So I thought this craft would be a fun take on vintage style cameo's in full geek mode. After all, who doesn't want an Admiral Ackbar or Professor Snape cameo pin?

The best part is, you can make them to fit your style and flair.  You can use photographs of the kids or grandkids...makes a great gift!

Let's get started! 

You will need: 

Printed images

 Mod Podge/Paintbrush

  EnviroTex Lite High Gloss

  Pin Backs


Opaque Pigment

Spray Paint

Start with the Fast Cast.  Fast Cast is amazing and dries white.  Sets up in only 10 minutes so you can make a bunch really fast.  Read the instructions for the Fast Cast.  

Follow the directions and pour the Fast Cast in the silicone cameo mold.  Pour carefully and fill the back with a thin layer of fast cast completely, then let it set.

Then pull the frame out of the mold.  With the solid back it is ready to turn into a cameo pin!  Frame molds are so much fun to use with Fast Cast--stay tuned for more fun resin crafts!  

The Fast Cast can be sanded and painted.  Sand any edges that didn't set just perfectly or were overfilled.

Next, use spray paint to paint these frames different colors.  Silver, copper, gold and pink.  Or add some opaque pigments directly in the fast cast like I did for the blue cameo.

On to the fun part--customizing!  I love sci-fi and fantasy geekery, so I made a fun combination of black and white florals and favorite icons.  I scanned the cameo frame, traced the center circle and made the image match.  Print them and cut them out. 

You could use scrapbooking paper, stickers or even photographs of the people you love!

Paint the inside of the frame with Mod Podge.

Then place the paper inside the cameo and paint the top with Mod Podge.

Let them dry completely.

Yay--now it's time for the EnviroTex Lite.  Begin by reading through all the instructions.

Mix the high gloss.

Then pour carefully into the center reservoir.  The high gloss is full of bubbles from the vigorous stirring.  Careful not to overfill, I messed up my hot pink Gimli cameo because of that.

Let them set for about 10 minutes, then use a mini torch or a heat gun to pop the bubbles.  Leave them in a well ventilated place overnight.

Now use the E6000 to glue the pin backs on the backside.

Let them set completely, at least 4 hours.

Now they are ready to wear! Great to add some fun flair to backpacks, jean jackets, bags or even to a fancy blazer! Great gift idea too!

They are the perfect cameos!

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