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Service Advent Calendar!

I gave a talk about service and charity last Sunday. I spoke about how it's easy to get caught up in  the hustle and bustle of Christmas... and we should not forget the true meaning of  Christmas and have the Spirit of Christ. "When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God."  Mosiah 2:17 Plus, think back on your Christmas past (or other gift giving holidays of the past) Do you remember everything you got?  Maybe a few things...special things. But I remember doing things for others. I remember serving and working with my family. I want my kids to remember stuff like that too!  I decided then I should do a SERVICE Advent Calendar! (since then, of course, I've seen many online...but I really did think of this without outside inspiration)  I had the daughter cut out 25 envelopes with my big shot and a square envelope die. You could also have your silhouette do this...  We printed off ou

Duck Tape® Holiday Mailbox Bow!

This post brought to you by Duck Brand® . All opinions are 100% mine. I love duct tape...and I love Duck® Brand Duck Tape! Here's how to make a fabulous Holiday bow for your mail box that is totally waterproof! You'll need duct tape...and Duck Tape® has beautiful Holiday patterns! Or sports team your colors! How cute would it be made of this? You'll also need some tie wire...and non stick scissors are the BEST, but whatever cuts it is great! To begin, make 4 18 inch strips of tape, double sided... so it's not sticky, and it's like stiff ribbons! Take one and fold it in half.  Take 18" of tie wire and wrap it around the middle and twist it tight. Like so.  The tape holds its shape great and gathers perfectly! Wrap over one end to the center To make a big loop And twist it with the wire.  Just 2 twists is all it takes... No need for overkill! Wrap the other end and twist. That will use one entir

Christmas Pinwheel wreath with Astrobright paper!

  Create a beautiful wreath for Christmas with Paper Pinwheels! Here's what you'll need: Squares of patterned paper Squares of Astrobright paper (same sizes) rhinestones or faceted buttons tape hot glue wreath form glue dots scissors I cut the paper into squares of 3 different sizes. 6", 4" and 2.5" The Astrobright paper is the best part of these pinwheels! It's so pretty to have those bright pops of color show through! Take 1 patterned paper and 1 astrobright of the same size. Run tape over the edges of one, and press them together. So the color will peek through. Fold into a triangle. Open and then fold into a triangle the other direction. This divides it into quarters. Cut the fold lines 3/4's of the way toward the center. leaving about an inch or so in the center. Stick a pop up glue dot on the center of the pinwheel... you can have the colored paper on the inside or the looks good to have a variety!