Glitter Mermaid Tail Resin Keychains DIY

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Glitter Mermaid Tail Resin Keychains DIY

Mermaids are so magical and fun.  Mermaid parties and crafts are all the trend right now.  Check out this fun Mermaid Scale Paper Canvas I did last year.  These keychains are a great party favor or fun summer craft. 
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You will need:
Easy Cast Resin
Mermaid Tail Silicone Molds

Drill and Bit
Keychain Hardware
Transparent Dyes
Disposable work space, gloves, mixing cups and stirring sticks.
Mix the EasyCast according to the package directions.  I set my molds in a cardboard box.
In once ounce of resin, I dropped 2 drops of blue dye and 1 drop of green for the perfect aqua.

Mix until well combined.
Pour into the mermaid tail mold.
One ounce had just enough resin to fill the smaller tail completely and the big tail all the way to the fin transition.
Then take the fine glitter and sprinkle all over the molds.
The glitter will sink in the resin and distribute around it.  It really is very magical!

Let them dry and set overnight.  Next day, mix up some more resin and keep it clear.  Fill the remaining fin of the large mermaid tail.  Again, let them set overnight until cured.
Pop the mermaid tails out of the molds and admire the sparkle!
Get a small bit for a drill and drill holes in the top of each of the mermaid tails.
Thread a bead chain through the hole.
And hook a keychain clasp to it.  These mermaid tails are ready to keep track of keys or look stunning on a backpack!
They sparkle and shine!  These mermaid tail keychains are perfect for party favors and fun summer activities.
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Poornima said…
Beautiful.Ilove this.