Galaxy Painted Resin Clock Tutorial DIY

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Galaxy Painted Resin Clock Tutorial DIY

Make the best clock in the galaxy with this fun diy craft!  This fun clock is great for keeping time and looking fabulous.  Stunning glossy finish, gold letters and peering nebulas make this clock one-of-a-kind.
I am super fond of galaxies and all space themed crafts.  They are fun to paint too!

Supplies Needed:
Wood Clock Base
Clock Maker Hardware
Clock Numbers
Envirotex Lite Pour-On Resin
Mixing Cups, Stirring Sticks, Gloves and Worksurface
Apple Barrel Paints in Black, White, Pink, Blue, Aqua, Yellow
E6000 Glue
Begin by painting the entire clock base black.
Use a stencil brush to add on some pink and yellow.
Then daub on some blue and aqua...mixed with yellow will add the shades of green.
Then go back over in most places with black paint.

Just so there are subtle colors peeking through the black night sky.
Then splatter gently with white paint to create stars.  Use a detail brush to add little stars as well.
Then use some E6000 glue to adhere the numbers on the clock.
Then mix 2 ounces of high gloss resin in the mixing cups with the 2 phase mixing process.
After thoroughly mixing, pour and paint it right on the clock.  Make sure the clock is on a disposable surface, standing on a couple plastic cups...this way the resin can drip off.

Use a straw to blow gently on the bubbles that have formed in the resin.
Then let the resin cure overnight.
Next day, add the clock hardware mechanism...this is simple and the instructions are right on the packaging.  Just follow the directions and attach all the pieces.
Then set it to the correct time and hang it up to see!
Clocks are a fun novelty!
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