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Coat of ARMS!

I scored this bad boy at the DI (thriftstore) for $5.00 Even the cashiers were jealous...I know right? Got it cleaned and primed... Sprayed it with Metallic Aluminum... Glazed it up a bit... And, until I have my own castle is hung with pride in my 9 year old sons room! He loves it. Pretty sweet ya?

A chocolate kind of day!

Some days just beg for chocolate! Today was one of those days!  The kids and I made 2 easy treats! First: Cookie Brownie stacks Start with cookie dough and spread in bottom of baking dish... Okay, then I forgot about the camera... Mix up a brownie mix according to package instrucions (ours was Ghirardelli double chocolate) and just pour it over the top of the cookie dough! Bake at 350* for 45 minutes... Cut into 24 pieces and serve into cupcake liners! Easy and yummy! Next we made Peanut Butter Rice Crispy bon-bons! Got the recipe last Easter from my s-i-l :) (again, camera was MIA!) So ingredients are: 1 cup corn syrup 1 cup peanut butter 1 cup granulated sugar mix in saucepan on low/med heat and stir frequently, because this can burn fast. I brought mine to a light bubble and kept stirring for about 2 minutes... Then added 1 tsp of vanilla and poured the liquid onto 5 cups of rice crispies! Then with some cold water for the hands, I rolled out the

Swirly Teapot Madness

I took a large regular (simple, but awesome) teapot. yard sale: $2.50 Added some blue swirly vinyl... Much better! (even if it only lasts a little while)


 I got this beat up, cracked brown vinyl, octagon shaped stool at a yard sale for 50 cents. I quickly tore off the upholstery and sanded it down. I primed it...and then took a picture!  I sprayed it dark gray Found some thick canvas in the discount bin... and stapled it underneath. And honestly, I did a crappy job!   But, who cares? The kids love it! Ahhh, sweet victory! Thanks for looking!

S is for Sucks...

Okay, side note...the title of this post is from Homestar Runner/ Strongbad emails funny! On to my project! I saw these cork monograms a couple places  and wanted to make one, since I got tons of corks at a yard sale for FREE! I used cereal boxes and cut out an "S" I hot glued 3 layers together for sturdiness... Then I just hot glued on corks! It's way more fun if you have a cute assistant! To finish I cut some in half and some in quarters... and wedged them in wherever I could! He's hanging out with the seagull! My 3 year old came in and said "I like that 'M' mom."

Fresh Squeezed!

I made a stenciled wood sign for my dad here.  I used vinyl, removed the positive spaces and stuck on the negative to paint the stencil... The thing is, vinyl is pricey to just be wadding all of it up and tossing it! So...Behold!  El-cheapo contact paper...drawer liner... This has been sitting around for years...I knew I could make it work! It is thin.  Thinner than vinyl.  So here are my silhouette settings: Speed: 3 Thickness: 1 Worked great!  Removed the positive spaces,  used some old "already used" transfer paper,  and transferred it to my wood victim.   It painted up perfectly!  I removed the contact paper  while it was still tacky with a hook to get out the detailed areas.  A little staining and sanding!  Thanks for looking!