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20 Awesome Cricut Projects Round-up!

20 Awesome Cricut Projects Roundup! I've been working with  Cricut  now for almost 2 years now and I love everything about it.  My Cricut Maker has a place of honor on my desk and is plugged in ready-to-go...and used nearly daily!  Today I am sharing my favorite tools and 20 projects using the Cricut.  Check out this post for getting started with a machine.    Affiliate links included. The  Cricut Maker  is the best cutting machine available. The  Cricut EasyPress 2 Large  is a game changer.  Don't use a household iron to press iron-on...this machine is worth the investment, hands down.  You'll also need the  Cricut EasyPress Mat Large . The  Cricut BrightPad  is great for tracing and weeding.  The TrueControl Knife is fabulous too!  Here's 20 awesome projects with Cricut in the spotlight!  Which project is your favorite? Flower Wreath Messy Hair, Don't Care Chewbacca Shirt Mini Composition Leather Book Covers I'm a Fantastic Bea

Winter Hot Chocolate Bar with Torani Syrup!

Products received from Torani for this post.  All opinions are mine. Winter Hot Chocolate Bar with Torani Syrup! If we had no Winter, Spring would not be so pleasant.  So true.  During these long Winter months we try our best not to get cabin fever, play outside and make our best out of cold, snow days.  I love drinking hot cocoa in the cold morning...I don't drink coffee, so this is my substitute I suppose!  But as far as I believe, Hot Chocolate bars are always in season.  If it's too hot for hot chocolate--simply add a scoop of ice cream! I am featuring these amazing syrups from Torani for the best hot chocolate bar possible!  After getting back from a fun winter sledding outing for a couple hours, we feasted on some flavored hot chocolate.  I tried small tastes of the Coconut, Brown Sugar Cinnamon, Almond Roca, Peanut Butter, English Toffee and EggNog.  Which flavor sounds the best to you?  I love the's my favorite for putting in sodas or h

Tombow Irojiten Grayscale Sepia Colored Pencils Perfect for Shading Brush Lettering!

This post is sponsored by  American Tombow Inc.  as part of their ambassador team.  Affiliate links included. Tombow Irojiten Grayscale Sepia Colored Pencils Perfect for Shading Brush Lettering! Tombow Irojiten colored pencils are smooth and blend so naturally!  The grayscale pencils are perfect for adding shade and shadows to brush lettering.  The sepia (as well as the grayscale) pencils are great for sketching and monochromatic artwork. For this simple project you will need: Irojiten Colored Pencils Tombow Brush Markers Smooth Cardstock You will need to sharpen the pencils before beginning. Begin by writing hello in shades of blue. Then use the lightest gray and shade the left side edges. Get the next darkest shade of gray and add some more depth. Again add the next shade of gray...then go back over all the shading with the lightest color to blend and smooth it all out. Like, Pin and Share! Check out these other fun  American Tombow Inc.

Lucky 4-Leaf Clover Shamrock Resin Keychain DIY!

This sponsored post was live on the Resin Crafts Blog previously.  Affiliate links included. Lucky Clover Shamrock Resin Keychain DIY! Make lucky and festive 4-leaf clover keychains with resin, perfect for St. Patricks day!  Hook them on a zipper, bag, coat or on keys for a little extra luck in your day.  Great way to preserve that little lucky keepsake...whether you find one yourself or order one online. Have you ever found a real 4-leaf clover?  My daughter sat in the backyard at Grandma and Grandpa's house one summer evening when she was 4 and found a legit 4-leaf clover in a patch of grassy 3-leaf clovers!  It was a miracle to say the least.  I searched with my son for an hour afterward and not another single 4-leaf clover was to be found.  If you are fortunate enough to find a 4-leaf clover, you will have lots of luck, and need a way to preserve it! Supplies Needed: Four Leaf Clovers EasyCast Resin Resin Molds Stirring Sticks, Mixing cups and Disposable Glove