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Star Wars Chewbacca 'Messy Hair Don't Care' DIY Shirt with Cricut

  Star Wars Chewbacca 'Messy Hair Don't Care' DIY Shirt with Cricut
Hey Doodlecrafters, I'm here all week with especially fun Star Wars themed shirts that take only minutes to DIY!  Cricut has just released Star Wars themed images and they are uniquely awesome! 
Darling girl wearing DIY shirt made with glitter iron on vinyl and cricut explore air 2 with Chewbacca from star wars
 These shirts are just what you need to celebrate May 4th--May the Forth be with you!  Make shirts for your friends and family.  They can be super simple, or add some custom touches...like this Chewie shirt!
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 Messy Hair, Don't Care.
This is such a fun shirt...loads of glitter iron-on vinyl and shimmery gold!  This shirt is perfection!  I used supplies from Cricut for this post, affiliate links included.  My daughter wore this to an evening activity and everyone loved this shirt--it is sure to get attention!
 Gather Supplies:
Cricut Explore Air™ 2 machine
$1.99 Chewbacca Cricut Image
Bank Gothic STD Light Cricut Access Font
Cricut Sunglasses Image
White T-Shirt (mine's from Dollar Tree)
Black Glitter Iron-On Vinyl
Gold SportFlex Iron-On Vinyl
Silver Glitter Iron-On Vinyl
Cricut EasyPress
Cricut EasyPress Mat
Cricut Explore Air 2 electronic cutting machine cutting glitter vinyl
Just click my link for the project and the Chewbacca with all the accessories is ready to cut!  All the sizing and colors are ready to go!  Just place the Iron-on vinyl plastic side down on the mat and click the "mirror image" buttons on each of the mat images in design space.  Now it's ready to cut.  You are welcome!  That is why Cricut is so wonderful, it really is the most "plug 'n play" of the electronic cutting machines.  It is great for beginners and advanced users.
After cutting the vinyl, use the hook tool to carefully weed all the images.
Heat up the EasyPress to the glitter iron-on vinyl setting.  Warm up the shirt before placing the vinyl on the shirt.
Then place the EasyPress on the vinyl and set the timer for 20 seconds.  Because the image is so big, just do half of the heating at a time.
Then repeat the heating process for the top half of the image.

Turn over the shirt and heat up the backside for about 15 seconds.

Turn it back right side up and let it cool.  Then remove the plastic.
Next layer the SportFlex iron on in gold on top of the glitter vinyl.  I don't know if this should be layered on glitter, but it worked well for this project.
Because the glitter vinyl is still visible, place a sheet of Teflon over the top before ironing.
Then place the EasyPress on the Teflon and heat at 305* for 20 seconds.

Let it cool completely and then remove the plastic covering.
Next add the glitter glasses and the text.
Just as before, place the Teflon sheet over the top to protect the revealed vinyl.

Then place the EasyPress on top and heat for about 20 seconds.
Let it cool completely and then remove the plastic covers.
Guys.  It's so cool!
I think it turned out awesome!  It's a great way to use a familiar Star Wars character but make it your own.  Great for a fun work-out shirt or just for the release of the new Han Solo Story movie on May 25th!  Messy Hair, Don't care!
Chewie is Han Solo's best friend, this funny shirt features Chewbacca in shades with a funny phrase
I love the shimmer of the gold and the sparkle of the glitter black and silver!  This shirt has got it where it counts!

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Paper Ferns Resin Serving Tray DIY

Paper Ferns Resin Serving Tray DIY
I love the trendy tropical vibe right now, it makes me dream of days on a sandy beach with palm trees and bright blue skies.  I'll have to settle for breakfast in bed with this tropical tray.  This tray is easy to make and uses my favorite medium, resin!
Makes a great handmade gift too!  Perfect for serving a mother's day or father's day breakfast in bed!
This sponsored post was on Resin Crafts Blog previously.  Resin supplies from Eti-USA.  Affiliate links inlcuded.
Supplies needed:
Bamboo Serving Tray
Envirotex Lite High Gloss Resin

Paper in shades of green
Ultra Seal
Cricut Explore Air 2 machine
White paint/paintbrush
Gloves, cups and sticks for preparing the resin
Begin by painting the inside of the serving tray in white.
While the tray dries, cut leafy ferns in 3 shades of green paper.
There should be enough ferns and fronds to fill the tray.
Then use a straight edge and cutter to make straight lines on the leaves.
These will fit snugly in the edges of the tray.
Once they are cut and fit on the tray, coat the bottom of the tray with Ultra Seal, then put the leaves on top and coat the top with more Ultra Seal.  It may bubble up slightly.  Don't panic.  Let it dry completely.
Now prepare your work surface for working with the resin.  I love Environtex Lite Pour-on High Gloss Finish!  It turns anything you make into a professional piece!
Mix the resin according to the package directions.
Then pour directly onto the tray, right in the center.
Tilt the tray slightly to get the resin to coat the entire base of the tray.  Let it sit for 20 minutes.  Then use a butane torch or a heat gun to pop any of the bubbles that have formed.  Then cover with a piece of cardboard and let it cure overnight.
Once the tray no longer smells like resin, it's ready to use!
Fill it with yummy breakfast, or use as a work surface when sitting at the couch.  Lots of ways to enjoy this fun tropical tray.
I love how it turned out!  If you haven't used resin yet, give it a try!
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