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Homemade Crystal Rock Candy!

 I've seen some recipes for Rock Candy before...but never with any pictures!!!
Isn't that the FIRST thing you look for?
Well, here's a tutorial for Rock Candy with fabulous pictures!

3 Cups Granulated Sugar
1 Cup water
Flavor (optional)
(I used Cherry)

 In a medium sized saucepan,
bring the sugar and water to a boil to dissolve all sugar.
You don't need to rapid boil at all...for any amount of time.
Just dissolve the sugar.
It makes a super thick syrup!
 Add the flavoring...

 Prepare your jars and sticks
I used mason jars...pint size.
In looking back, I would use the tallest and thinnest glass I have.
I used wooden skewers and clothespins.
The clothespins keep the sticks centered and not touching the bottom of the glass.
Critical in rock candy crystal structures!

You'll take your sticks and lightly wet them.  Then roll them in sugar.
Allow them to "dry".  The sugar gives the syrup something to
 stick to and get the crystals growing faster.

 Now for color!

 I wanted to do all of them different colors, without
having to make separate batches of syrup.
So I added 1 drop of food coloring to the bottom of the jar.

 Then I poured in my syrup.
(let the syrup cool to room temperature.  If not, your sugar on the sticks will dissolve)

Add your sticks and wait patiently!
We just set them on the counter and didn't have any
 problem with bugs or anything weird.

 About a week later!
You can see the crystal structures forming.
They also attach themselves to the inside of your jar.
No biggy.

 We let ours grow for about 2 weeks.
Then pulled out the stick

 And had a darling little sugar crystal sucker!
 My kids absolutely LOVED to see the blocky crystals.
 What to do with the remaining crystals in the jar?
 Easy, it's pure sugar right?
I poured out all the excess syrup and let the jar drain upside
down in a bowl for about 5 minutes.
Then, I used a fat butter knife and chipped out all the crystals I could.

 Equally as impressive, just as tasty, and a fun mix of colors!
It's crystally and small, like pop rocks...just no pop!
 Gorgeous right?
 Well, if I haven't convinced you to make some yourself...I guess I never will!
Maybe a fun science project for the summer time!

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Cooler Police Car Toy!

 My 10 year old son approached me with a project idea.
He had a flashing RED and BLUE LED light...probably from a cheap toy...

 And he wanted to mount it to the top of a police car.
He said he had seen police cars at the Dollar Store...so the next time we were there,
we picked one up!
(I can't resist when it's my kids planning projects!)

 He just used a knife to pop the button off the top.
 Then we glued the LED right on top.
Not much to look at in the light, but super cool zipping on the floor in the dark!

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Doctor Who Inspired Signs!

 I did a bunch more Doctor Who Inspired Vinyl/Painted Signs!
Some are available in my Etsy Shop...
 Absolutely love the Tardis!

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Yummy Butter-less Pantry Brownies!

 We moved back in March and now are way further from
 stores than I have ever been...and we only have one car, so travel is usually out of the question.
So, I like to shop monthly or so.
I decided to stop buying extra candy and chocolate to help save
 money and help me to eat less of it.
My thought was I might lose some weight?
And I have...
But I found that I was craving just a little chocolate sweetness
and there was none to be found.
(this went on for a full month)
So...I decided I'd make something simple...not too decadent and complicated.
Just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth for another month.

Here's what I did:
Butter-less Brownies.
(I didn't have butter anyway, so this is basic staples
you would likely already have in your pantry!)

 1/2 cup oil
    1 cup sugar
    1 tsp vanilla extract
    2 eggs

Beat together
Then add...

    1/2 cup flour
    1/3 cup + 2 tbsp cocoa powder
    1/4 tsp baking powder
    1/4 tsp salt

Pour into greased pan
Bake 350* for 20-30 minutes.
We did 20 minutes and it was gooey and delicious in the center.
 Easy and Yummy!

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Army Blanket Bedspread!

 Here in Alabama the humidity is a killer.
Cold times are so FRIGID and when it's Hot, it's BRUTAL!
So the comforter I had for our bed wasn't cutting it.
It was too thick...and therefore ended up in a wad on the floor.
And...we needed something that the Husband and I both agreed on.

 Then my hubby needed to get a poncho liner for some training...and it was awesome.
But it was Multicam.  He suggested putting a couple of those on our bed.
Not happening with my aqua and black decor! 
I found out they were available (and cheaper) in black!  Yay.
I like that they are lightweight...but still covering.
I have to be covered--even in the summertime...except I put my feet out
 of the blankets.  (does anyone else do this?)
The silky-ish material stays nice and cool too.
And it's sewn all the way through, so they wash up really easy

 I ordered 2.  They have ties that you can tie them together...
We tried it out just a couple nights tied together,
and it was too easy to get confused in the night...
I would steal the blankets and they would get all turned around...

 So, I just sewed them together.  Right down the center.
You can barely see the seam on the bed!
 And when the bed is made...can't tell at all.
And I changed up my gallery wall a bit in this house.
Awesome right!?
 Jewelry Armoire
$5 Nightstand
Cubby shelf
Phoenix Wall Art
I like, like you
teapot lamp

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