101 Things to Make with Cricut!

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101 Things to Make with Cricut!  I love creating things with my Cricut!   Primarily I use my Cricut Maker 3...but this post will focus on the broad spectrum of Cricut products.   I'm sharing one hundred and one things to make with Cricut!

101 Things to Make with Cricut!

I love creating things with my Cricut!

Primarily I use my Cricut Maker 3...but this post will focus on the broad spectrum of Cricut products.

I'm sharing one hundred and one things to make with Cricut!

Find out more about these great Cricut products: 

Cricut Printable Vinyl

Here's 101 things to make with Cricut stuff today!

Here's a gorgeous foiled Cricut-made card that takes 5 minutes to make. Just keep your machine working while you clean the kitchen or make a pumpkin pie and you'll have a stack of holidays ready to go in just an afternoon...plus, your kitchen will be clean and you'll have a pie!

Star Wars Sugar Skull Shirts with Cricut! The best combination is Star Wars and Halloween! Make an amazing shirt for any day of the week featuring these fun Sugar Skull designs from Cricut. These shirts look extra amazing because I used black iron-on vinyl on black shirts. They are subtle but stand-out!

How to Make Harry Potter Cake Topper with Cricut! Hi friends! I'm super excited about this Harry Potter Cake Topper post, mostly because it meant I got to have a Harry Potter birthday party over the weekend and eat lots of cake--like an unholy amount of delicious cake!   This Harry Potter cake topper is the perfect crowning piece for the ultimate geek inspired birthday party. The Harry Potter universe is full of symbols, familiars and characters. That made making this happy birthday Harry Potter cake topper a cinch!   You can make this too using my pattern and a Cricut Machine!

Make a Baby Yoda from the Star Wars series the Mandalorian out of wood, Cricut machine, vinyl and acrylic paint. Perfect for parties, crafts, cosplay and home decor!

How to Make a Sublimation Banner!  Learn how to make a sublimation banner for parties, birthdays, sports and every occasion!   Just a few supplies are needed to turn photos into a banner...anything you can think of, you can put on this banner.   If you haven't tried sublimation yet, you are going to want to for sure!

How to Make Stencils with Dollar Tree Cutting Boards!  Make the perfect paint stencils using cutting boards from Dollar Tree.   I love making my own reusable stencils, but stencil material can get pricy--Dollar Tree crafts are the BEST!   I love finding things at the dollar store that I can use for something entirely different than its intended purpose.

How to Make Waterproof Stickers with HTVRont!  I love making my very own stickers.   They are so fun to customize mailers, gifts, handmade cards, water bottles and more!   Learn how easy it is to create custom stickers for yourself, for handmade gifts, or to start a side hustle.   Making waterproof stickers with HTVRont is easy and so much fun!

How to Make Watercolor Cards with Cricut!  Learn how to easily make two different types of watercolor cards using Cricut.   Cricut has watercolor cards, watercolor markers and a 2x2 card mat for the Cricut Maker and it makes card making a breeze!   Here's how to make watercolor cards two ways:

Create a custom letterboard using the Cricut. Cricut Maker can cut foam letters easily.

How to Make Sublimation Ceramic Ornaments!  Learn how to make custom sublimation ceramic ornaments for the perfect Christmas tree addition, handmade gift or heirloom keepsake.    I love ornaments. There can never be too many! I love turning art, treasures and childhood trinkets into ornaments. Today I am showing how to turn custom art into high quality ceramic ornaments, easily!    These can be used for decorating the tree, of course, but also work great for gift toppers, drink charms, teacher or neighbor gifts, custom merchandise or heirlooms for grandparents, parents and children.

How to Make a Front Porch Sign with Cricut!  Make a tall, skinny front porch sign with a board, paint, vinyl and Cricut.    This cute sign can be customized and fit beautifully on nearly every front porch, right next to the door.    Make a interchangeable decoration to add more fun, like the "O" in this Welcome sign!

How to Make Etched Baking Dishes!   These etched baking dishes are easy to customize and make the perfect handmade touch to a gift! I love giving personalized baking dishes for wedding, holiday and house warming gifts.   Etching a baking dish takes about 30 minutes, so it's a very time effective craft! I love custom gifts that show a little more love and care to them.    These ones are a funny variety as opposed to these ones I did with last names.   Let's get started!

How to Make a Fallout Nuka Cola Bottle Cap!  Make the perfect Fallout themed decor with this easy Nuka Cola Bottle Cap!    I was strolling through the dollar store the other day and found this metal bottle cap hanger...I knew immediately that I had to make a Nuka Cola label for it.   It goes great with all my Fallout themed decorations--and would make a great gift for a Fallout gamer fan!

How to Use the Cricut Mug Press Making mugs is my favorite craft and Cricut has made it so easy! The Cricut Mug Press is a heat press that is designed specifically for sublimation on mugs, tumblers and other cylinders. Make a custom mug from start to finish in a half hour or less--the perfect craft for a last minute gift.  The Cricut Mug Press is a game changer. I've been making sublimation mugs in the oven since last year and love how they turn out...but I love not having to use my kitchen for sublimation. The Mug Press is the perfect size for a craft shelf. It heats up fast and takes about 5 minutes to infuse a mug.

Which Hogwarts house will you be in this back-to-school season? I think I'm a Ravenclaw girl...but maybe because I like those colors best. Make this layered iron-on vinyl bunting with the Hogwarts house crests as the perfect backdrop for a party or Harry Potter themed classroom.

Pink Shimmering Holographic Mermaid Scales cut in a Heart shape and ironed on a Onesie with Cricut EasyPress 2.

Did you know the Cricut Maker can engrave acrylic? It's true, you need the Maker in your life. It does so many things, you'll never run out of projects to make.  Learn how to engrave acrylic with the Cricut Maker to make custom keychains perfect for a handmade gift!

How to Make a Reusable Cake Stencil with Cricut! Did you know you can stencil a cake!? It's true, stenciled cakes are stunning, unique and gives the viewer an experience of awe; wondering how they got that pattern on the tiers of the cake.  Let me show you how to make a reusable cake stencil using the Cricut Maker.

How to Make Stickers with Cricut Printable Vinyl! I mean, who doesn't want a gift with my cute face on it!? I thought it would be funny to give my friends gifts with my face on them. I made stickers using Cricut Printable Vinyl and the Print-and-Cut feature. If you haven't made your own stickers yet, you'll love this!

How to Make Matching His/Hers Mugs with Cricut Mug Press!   Make the perfect handmade gift for a couple! These matching mugs are easy to make for a wedding gift, house warming gift or last minute gift idea!   Sublimation mugs are awesome and Cricut Infusible Ink, Mug Press and Cricut Maker are the perfect way to make these mugs in less than 15 minutes.

We all need reminders that we are enough. This is the perfect card to make for someone to help them have a better moment in their day. This card is a fun style with perforated lines, easy to tear tabs and even some embossing! It uses so many elements that the Cricut Maker specializes in!

Decorate a designer faux leather bag with Cricut Iron-on vinyl and the EasyPress.

Use the Cricut machine to make custom shirts

Make the perfect fabric bunting with the Cricut Maker and rotary blade!

Make custom journals and notebooks using the Cricut Maker and faux leather.

Use the Cricut to create monogram necklaces.

Decorate totes with iridescent holographic iron-on and Cricut!

Create the cutest planters with vinyl and the Cricut machine

Iron on baby onesies with Cricut and EasyPress!

Patterned Iron on Sea Turtle Bag

Craft Foam Bookmarks

Vinyl on a tumbler!

SportFlex Iron on Swimwear

Leather Keychains

Iron on Pillow Cover

Fruit Shirt

Glass Etched Mugs

Christmas Vinyl Decor

Leather Earrings

Custom Costumes

Tropical Tray

Iron On Straw Bag

Metallic Polka Dot Shirts

Wooden Painted Signs

Glitter Iron On Tote

Out of School Shirt

Watercolor and Vinyl Calligraphy

Funny Shirts

Iron On Hat

Holiday Shirts

Vinyl Sign

Bumper Stickers

Vacation Shirts

No Soliciting Signs

Baby Tie Onesies

Holiday Wall Art

Patterned Iron On Shirts

Flower Wreath

Treasure Map Totes

Letterboard Flowers

Handmade Pop Up Cards

Paper chains

Vinyl Wall Quotes

Silhouette Images

Glass Etched Frame

Party Favors

Metallic Geek Pillow

Pencil Cases

Make Canister Labels with the Cricut to sell!

Rae Dunn inspired Cricut vinyl ornaments!

Decorated Home Decor

Vinyl on Notebooks

Metallic Iron On Journals

Unicorn Hat

Holiday Iron-on Design Shirts

Iron On Cosmetic Bags

Light Luminaries made with Cricut Maker knife blade

Just Married Cling

Iron On Corkboard

Cake Toppers

Wall Art Vinyl

Funny Embellished Totes

Freezer Paper and Painted Shirt

Ornate Door Details

Iron On Designs Tote

Turn Kid Artwork into Shirts

Family Rules Sign

Tribal Flower Pot

Rolled Paper Flower Wreath

This Way Arrows

Home Vinyl Sign

State Love Shirts

Layered Iron On Tote

Pennant Banner

Learn how to personalize tumblers using a Cricut machine and permanent vinyl. These stunning tumblers make a great gift for teachers, bridesmaids or handmade holidays. Take it a step further and make tumblers to sell as a side hustle.

Make a stenciled doormat with Cricut Maker, freezer paper, outdoor paint and a coir mat

How to use Cricut Infusible Ink Transfers on Tote Bag DIY, tropical flower pattern infusible ink transfer with word Sun Shine in calligraphy

Infusible Ink Shirt

Infusible Ink Ornaments

Circle Wood Sign

That's it!

Phew, that's a lot of things to make with Cricut!

Which one of these amazing crafts is your favorite?

What will you be working on this weekend?

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101 Things to Make with Cricut!  I love creating things with my Cricut!   Primarily I use my Cricut Maker 3...but this post will focus on the broad spectrum of Cricut products.   I'm sharing one hundred and one things to make with Cricut!