Valentine Decor Lace Heart Paper Chain with Cricut Maker

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 Valentine Decor Lace Heart Paper Chain with Cricut Maker

Decorate for Valentines day with a paper chain.  This paper chain is delicately cut to look like lace doilies, and stapled together like hearts.  It's the perfect holiday decor.  Goes great with this Valentine flower wreath.

I love Valentine's day, it seems to bring with it some added love. The world needs all the love it can get right now. Let's decorate to celebrate!


Supplies Needed for Heart Paper Chain:


Step 1: 

First use the Cricut Maker to cut strips of delicate lace border strips.

I used 3 shades of reds.


Step 2: 

Then fold each strip in half.


Step 3: 

Roll the top half of the strip in a heart shape.


Step 4: 

Then place the next folded piece inside the heart.


Step 5: 

Then staple the 4 layers of paper together.


Step 6: 

Repeat the process with all the paper strips.

Continue until a gorgeous heart paper chain has been made.

Hang it like a garland or set it on the entry table.

 I love the decorative edges, the lacy look and the heart shapes.  This is perfect Valentine's day decor!

 Be Kind Whenever Possible.


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