Tangled Rapunzel Magic Hair Iron-on Vinyl Disneyland Shirt!

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I have magic hair that glows when I sing in pink on a gold glitter star sun burst on a black tee shirt
Tangled Rapunzel Magic Hair Iron-on Vinyl Disneyland Shirt!
Happy Mother's Day!
Are you planning an epic summer trip to Disneyland or DisneyWorld?  Or do you just love Disney?  My favorite Disney movie is Tangled, I love Rapunzel!  (that's me on the right back in 2013)
Trip to Disney world disneyland with Rapunzel
I love her long hair...I like the songs...I love that Rapunzel is so crafty!  She is my princess, so I designed a bunch of fun shirts with a Rapunzel theme.  Here's the first:
 This is the FIRST time I used my Cricut Maker!  Affiliate links included.
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I am part of Cricut's blogger program, but I did not get a Maker from them.  I went to a Sewing blogging meet up in April and Cricut was there, featuring the Maker as the GRAND Prize for the evening.  I felt bad entering the contest because I already work with them...but they told me to and I quickly entered.  Well, yep!  I WON!  I was so excited!  I've heard so many wonderful things about the Maker!  And then it sat in it's box for nearly a month before I had time (and got brave enough) to get it set up and use it.  (Which is super simple, btw)
Cricut tools are great for crafters
You will need:
Cricut Explore Air™ 2 machine
Or Cricut Maker
Gold Glitter Iron-On Vinyl
Pink SportFlex Iron-On Vinyl
Black T-shirt
Cricut EasyPress
Cricut EasyPress Mat
Another element that makes this project ultra easy, is it's all on Cricut Design Space™.  The image is a licensed Disney shape, so it costs $2, even for me.  With Cricut Access Standard, you save 10%, so that's worth considering!  Click here for the project I designed and you can make it in minutes!
Just click the "mirror image" button on both mats.
Cut the Sunburst out of gold Iron-On vinyl, I used glitter!
Cut the words out of Pink Iron-on Vinyl.  I used the SportFlex Iron-on Vinyl.
Set the Cricut EasyPress to 340* and let it warm up.  Place the T-shirt on the EasyPress Mat.  At temperature, place the EasyPress on the shirt for about 10 seconds to warm it up.
Then place the Gold Sunburst plastic side up on the shirt.  Place the EasyPress on the plastic Iron-on and set the timer for 20 seconds.
Then remove the EasyPress and let the vinyl cool completely.  When cool, remove the plastic cover and discard.
Next, place the text Iron-on Vinyl on the shirt, right over the sunburst.  The edges of the sunburst are not protected by plastic anymore, so they need to be covered.
Use a sheet of teflon or Cricut's Iron-On Protective Sheet and cover the design.  Next, set the EasyPress to the SportFlex setting, 305*.  Then place on the design for 30 seconds.  Remove the EasyPress and cover sheet.  Turn the shirt over and EasyPress the backside for about 10 seconds.  Then let it cool down completely.
Peel off the plastic cover and the shirt is ready to wear!  It's glittery and sparkly!  I love shirts that make people stop to read them.  Perfect to wear on a family trip to Disney!
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Come back tomorrow for more Rapunzel shirt fun!
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Congratulations on winning the Maker. The Maker is awesome & im so glad I upgraded. The shirt is super cute. Pinning!
Marie Dabbs said…
I love Rapunzel, too! This design is so funny and cute to boot. That sun design was definitely worth the price.
Unknown said…
I have a "thing" for glitter iron-on and it's perfect for this design! Love it!
Glitter iron on is the best! I love your design!
Unknown said…
I absolutely love this!! One of my favorite movies!