Drip Cake Tutorial With Chocolate Fudge and Candy!

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 Drip Cake Tutorial With Chocolate Fudge and Candy!
Happy Birthday!
 Drip cakes are nothing new, but they are so much fun!
The over the top candy, doughnut, cookies, Reese's eggs, chocolate and peanut butter chips--
and the streams of gooey fudge!
 First you will need 2 six inch cakes.
(I did 6 inch.  You can do whatever size you want...the wider the cake, the more layers it should have.)  My cake was even cracked...and I just used frosting and worked with it.
 Put a layer of chocolate fudge frosting on the base cake level.
Then gently set the top one on.
Use a serrated knife to cut off the top and level the cake.
 Then frost the entire cake with chocolate fudge frosting.
 Next, you'll want to make up some fudge sauce.
Hot Fudge sauce:
1/2 cup Butter
1 cup sugar
2 TBSP unsweetened cocoa powder
1/2 cup Milk

Boil in saucepan until reaches SOFT BALL...
Remove from heat.
add 1 tsp vanilla

Pour onto a platter and let it cool without touching it...or it will crystallize into sugar.
 After it cools down, stir it on the platter for about 5 minutes.  It will thicken and become creamy smooth for pouring.  Then pour a few spoonfuls right on top in the center.
 Watch it as the fudges runs to the edges of the cake.  The fudge is the best part of this cake...I would just cover the entire thing, but the drips look cool.
 The fudge is glossy and shiny.  Let it sit about 5 minutes.

Now for the fun.  Get an assortment of candy, donut and goodies.
 Stick them in the cake!
I had no trouble getting things to just stick in...but if you are unsure or the cake has to travel some distance, use toothpicks to secure everything.  The doughnut standing up right on top really seals the deal!  It's super visually pleasing!
 Next you'll want a fabulous cake topper!
I worked out this image of Happy Birthday in photoshop using the font Amanda.
Right click to save off.  Personal use only.

Then load into Cricut Design Space.
I used my Cricut Explore Air™ 2 machine (affiliate link) to cut this posterboard sign.
Simple image, save as a cut file, then set to posterboard!

The Cricut is magic!
I loaded gold posterboard on the cutting mat and loaded it into my Cricut Explore Air 2.
Then click Go!  It's so fun to watch it cut!  Seriously magic.
 Peel the mat away from the cut board.
Then hot glue a wooden skewer right onto the letters on the back.
 The stick goes off to an angle, and fits perfectly in the side of the donut.
 I love how it turned out!
Best part?  It tasted fabulous!  Seriously, it's that homemade fudge.
Such a fun sweet cake!  We fed it to 12 people.
 Easy DIY tutorial for the best Drip cake of your life!
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