Girafapegacorn--Turn Artwork into a Shirt!

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Turn Artwork into a Shirt!

 My daughter is quite the imaginative artist!
I went through some of her sketches and found the mythical Giraffapegacorn!
It's part Giraffe, Pegasus, and Unicorn!
  So I decided to turn it into a t-shirt for her!
 Okay technical stuff.
I scanned the image and imported it into Photoshop.
I added a layer and traced the entire image with the brush tool.
(I made a couple changes to help it translate better for vinyl)
This way, it wouldn't be all pixelated.
It could be imported into Silhouette Studio, but it would need some cleaning up.
If you are ironing on text, reverse the image!
Place the vinyl, plastic side down, on the cutting mat.
Settings for flocked vinyl...knife depth of 3.
 I used black flocked heat transfer vinyl and put it in the Silhouette Cameo.
Then the excess is weeded out.
 Removing all the inside parts too.
 Gildan sent me some great T-shirts!
Ladies perfect fit, Heavy Cotton...they are soft, and substantial and come in lots of colors!
 I placed the image plastic side up...flocked vinyl touching the shirt.
 Then cover it with a tea towel and iron over the towel for a minute or two.
 Once it's hot, you can carefully iron straight on the plastic.
Carefully iron each edge and line.
 Then carefully peel off the plastic...ironing more if necessary.
Then cover the image with the tea towel again and iron it a minute or two more.
Now it's ready to wear!
Who wouldn't just love their art on a custom shirt!?

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Price family said…
That is so cute I would so wear that shirt! Her drawings are also awesome.