Pirates of the Caribbean Week! Treasure Map Tote Bag!

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 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Tale comes out on May 26th!
Are you excited about another Pirates movie?
I feel like they keep getting progressively worse, but I'm super excited to see it anyway!
It's supposed to have a younger Jack Sparrow in it, so that should be good.
I feel like Jack's eyeliner is getting progressively thicker too...what do you think about the whole Pirates thing?  Will you go see it?
Let's do Pirate Week!
So all this week I am going to be sharing Pirate themed crafts with you!
Today: Pirate Treasure Map Tote Bag!
 I made a fabric treasure map for my son a few years ago...and he still uses it!
Check it out here:

Well guess what!?
I saved the stencil!  It's simple enough to cut one with an electronic cutter,
or hand cut it with a knife.  I used stencil material from Silhouette.
And you can use the stencil over and over!
You will also need a canvas tote or book bag.
I got my natural canvas bag from Oriental Trading
These make great party favors or just a fun summer craft with the kids!
 I used my favorite Apple Barrel paints and the new Color Shift Paints from Folk Art.
They are all from Plaid Crafts.
You will also need a stencil brush!
 Apply the stencil to the tote.
Slip a piece of cardboard inside the bag so the paint doesn't bleed through.
 Dab your paint on the palette.
 And dab straight down on the stencil.
Don't go side to side, that will push paint under the stencil and appear blotchy.
 Do all the different colors of paint!
 Let it dry.
Then get some fun plastic rhinestones and the hot glue gun...
 And hot glue them on the skull head for the eyes.
Jewel eye skeletons are the coolest.
 Add any details you want, replace the handles, line the bag, whatever!
It would be awesome to replace the handles with rope!  I love decorating totes!
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Come back each day this week for more Pirate fun!!!

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