Holographic Vinyl Tote Bag Easter Baskets DIY!

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Make an adorable Easter basket alternative with holographic iron on vinyl and totes.

 Holographic Vinyl Tote Bag Easter Baskets DIY!

     Easter baskets are not my thing--have you noticed at thrift stores that there are entire aisles filled with old baskets?  With that gross plastic grass that gets everywhere...and gross jelly beans.  Haha, I'm not a fan of commercial Easter fanfare.  On the other hand, I love tote bags!  These tote bag Easter Basket alternatives are my favorite...super useful for years to come.  The shiny holographic iron on vinyl, cut in adorable origami animals, make these bags unique and individual--plus they can be used as church bags, library book bags and carry-alls.
Shiny iridescent holographic iron on vinyl cut with the cricut maker for the cutest Easter baskets.


     If you haven't already deduced from my upper paragraph...I don't really do Easter stuff for my kids...never have.  My daughter used to tell people that I didn't believe in the Easter Bunny, I mean, she was right.  But one year, in 2011, the year my husband joined the army and left us for a year...I did do something fun for Easter.  I  did a 3 clue scavenger hunt for each of my kids...their prize was a Lego set!  It was the perfect Easter Sunday, they sat on the ground and put their new toys together.  Best gifts ever.  My kids still talk about that Easter and beg for me to a scavenger hunt again.

I love this Classic set with bricks and eyes!  It's the perfect set for hours of creative imaginative play!
Channel creativity with the classic yellow box of lego pieces: bricks, eyes and accessories for creative play.
I love all things Lego.  Here's a fun fidget spinner I made while sitting on the floor and playing with my kids.  Full tutorial and post here.

And check out this darling Unicorn I designed using Lego!  It's one of my favorite Lego projects ever ever ever!  Look how cute!  The classic Lego boxes are perfect for creating cute creatures.  
Let's get on with these fun Easter baskets.  Fill those Easter totes with Lego sets, books, toys, candy and lots of tissue paper!
Use the Cricut maker to cut holographic vinyl in origami animal shapes and press them onto tote bags using the EasyPress 2.

You will need:

Zipper Totes from Tote Bag Factory (I got Azalea, Marine Blue and Turquoise)
Holographic Iron-On Vinyl
Cricut Maker
Cricut EasyPress 2
Cricut EasyPress Mat
Weeding Tools
Add custom iron on vinyl to tote bags as the perfect alternative to Easter baskets

All about these Totes:     

     These tote bags are superb!  They are quite large: 12.5 X 13.5 X 6.5 inches.  Big enough for big items like books or even scrapbook paper...but great for water bottles and a towel for the beach.  I love bags from Tote Bag Factory, perfect for bulk events like Summer camp.  Great colors too--and the shipping is fast!  If you order before 1 p.m. (PST) it will ship out the same day!  Totebag Factory has so many types of bags at all price points.  They do custom printing to for conferences, businesses or camps.  I love working with them too, they have a wonderful team of employees.
Make custom totes with iron on vinyl and the Cricut Maker.

Let's get started:    

     I used 3 types of holographic vinyl and love each of them: Dahlia, Cobalt and Blue!  I used images from Cricut Design Space™, you can use it too!  Click here to get the project.
Use the Cricut Maker and Cricut EasyPress to make custom tote bags.
     Cut the images in reverse with the shiny plastic side of the iron on stuck to the tacky side of the mat.  Once cut, use the hook tool to weed the excess iron on vinyl.
Use the Cricut Maker to cut origami paper crane, whale and bunny images out of iron on vinyl.
     Now, these bags are polyester and can melt if not handled properly.  Begin by slipping an EasyPress Mat inside the bag.  This will prevent the tote from melting the layers on the inside.
     Place the bag on top of another EasyPress mat.  Set the EasyPress 2 to 330* for 30 seconds.  Warm up the tote for 5 seconds.  Then place the vinyl on top of the bag.
Cover with a protective sheet to protect the polyester tote bag from melting and press for 30 seconds.
     Let the bag cool slightly and remove the inside EasyPress mat.  Make sure the inside lining has not stuck together.  Then repeat the process with the other tote bags.  Once the vinyl is cooled, peel off the plastic carrier sheet on top of the tote.
Make tote bags instead of Easter baskets, perfect to use year round instead of just seasonally.

That's it!  

     Stuff the bags with goodies, books, toys, dolls, trinkets, Lego boxes, or whatever you typically do for Easter--maybe even a water bottle stuffed in the side pockets.  They are so darling, I love origami--so these images are perfect!
     Perfect way to celebrate Easter with a gift that keeps on giving!  The beauty of these tote bags is they are not Easter themed, so they are perfect year round for any possible reason to carry a tote around.
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Make the perfect bags for Easter using totes from TotebagFactory and iron on vinyl from Cricut.

I love tote bags, check out this fun hand painted bag too--you will love it!

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