Cricut Vinyl Trick-or-Treat Wood Circle Sign DIY

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Cricut Vinyl Trick-or-Treat Wood Circle Sign  DIY!

Make a darling Trick-or-Treat wood circle sign with Cricut machine and vinyl to hang up for the holidays. This wood circle sign is the hottest new trend alternative to a wreath...and easy to make. Make two of them and sell one--that will cover the cost of making them! 

Supplies Needed for Circle Wreath Sign:

Buffalo Check Ribbon
Hot Glue/Gun

Step 1: Paint the Wood Circle Sign

Begin by painting one or 2 of the lower slats. I painted one single slat in vivid orange paint and left the rest of the wood raw. I love light pine.

Step 2: Tie a Bow

Now use some of the buffalo check ribbon and tie a cute bow. I like using wire edged ribbon, so it can hold a little scrunched look.

Placing it on the wood circle made me feel like it needed something more.

Step 3: Cut the Vinyl

Use the Cricut Maker (or other cutting machine) to cut the adhesive vinyl. I did a simple font to spell out Trick or Treat!

Place transfer tape over the top of the vinyl, then remove the backing. Place the vinyl on the wood sign. Press down the vinyl with a scraper.

Then peel off the transfer tape by rolling it back over itself.

Step 4: Hot Glue Decorations

Now hot glue the bow on the top of the sign. At this point, if you are satisfied with the simplicity, keep it just like this.

I decided it needed some greenery, plus, it looks a little like a pumpkin! Hot glue the greenery under the bow and let it cool.

Then hang up on the door, wall or give as a gift! Make one for every month of the year! Welcome signs, holiday signs and more!

That's it!

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Really cute sign.
Elise said…
I love the buffalo plaid ribbon!