Hibiscus Rashguard Swim Shirt DIY with Cricut SportFlex Iron-On

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White rashguard with black sleeves decorated with red sportflex iron on vinyl with tropical hibiscus flower.

 Hibiscus Rashguard Swim Shirt DIY with Cricut SportFlex Iron-On

     I got this awesome rashguard, great for avoiding sunburns and sunblock, perfect for my daughter, except it was super plain.  The shirt is a lot of spandex and Cricut SportFlex iron-on is perfect, because it stretches too.  In fact, in a perfect world, I would use SportFlex iron-on exclusively.  Adding a tropical flower, hibiscus, is perfect for summer sun rays.  SportFlex can be added directly to swim wear too--so many options!  My favorite flower ever is the hibiscus.  I love the tropical vibe of the flower and it's very iconic shape.  What is your favorite flower?
Protect yourself from the rays of the sun with a custom rashguard shirt with tropical hibiscus flower in red.
     See what I mean?  I love hibiscus.  Here's another adorable shirt using patterned iron-on vinyl.  The patterned iron on is designed by Natalie Malan, and it's a gorgeous soft watercolor effect.

     And can you believe how gorgeous this leather book cover is?  Leather is just so yummy!  My husband did this and his work is incredible...see there...a hibiscus!  He did a fantastic purse for me too--covered in hibiscus.  Check it out at this post.

     Okay, one more...I just loved this packaging from the Coconut M&M's they did a few years back.  These pins are adorable...and I spy a hibiscus!  I think this cute green M&M is my spirit animal!

Supplies Needed for Hibiscus Rashguard:

Red SportFlex Iron on Vinyl
Cricut Maker
Cricut Brightpad
Cricut Weeding Tools
Rashguard Shirt
EasyPress 2 (large)
EasyPress Mat
Swimming shirts are perfect for summer, customize them with a tropical flower in red cut with cricut maker.
     I have always loved hibiscus flowers, I think.  At least as long as I can remember knowing what they were.  I grew up in Utah and lived here long enough to know they don't grow well here...although I've talked my hubby into planting some this year.  Here's an adorable picture of myself from 20 years ago!  I know, I was so cute then!  I found a gorgeous hibiscus at a hotel I was staying at in San Diego for my senior trip.  I put it in my hair and knew it would forever be a part of me.  Stunning, right!?  Okay, maybe shocking!  That was a fun trip with my 3 besties.

Back to the Rashguard:   

    Place the colored side of the SportFlex iron on vinyl down on the mat and have the Cricut Maker cut out the desired shape.  It's just a Cricut Design Space™ image, tropical flower.  #M436E8   Set the Maker to cut the SportFlex iron on and cut it out in reverse.
Swim in style using the cricut maker to customize a rashguard.
Place the shirt on the EasyPress mat.
Old Navy rashguard surf shirt is white and black and needs customization.

Weed out the excess vinyl from the hibiscus.
Warm up the shirt with the EasyPress 2 and then place the image on the shirt.
Cover with a protective sheet to prevent burning the shirt fibers.
Then press down firmly with the EasyPress for the recommended amount of time.  Check out this chart for references.
Use the Cricut EasyPress to customize shirt with sportflex iron on vinyl.
After the vinyl cools down completely, remove the plastic carrier sheet.
     Now this shirt is ready to rock the beach!  Plus, goes through the wash like a dream! Perfect way to add a personal touch to summer wear--works on swim suits too!
Swim in style with black and white rashguard adorned with big red hibiscus flower in center chest area.
     SportFlex comes in several colors and weeds like a dream!  If I could just use SportFlex for the rest of my life, I totally would...it's amazing!
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Tall image of rashguard with red hibiscus flower on the center.

Check out this fun video to tie dye a mermaid scale shirt...this one would be great at the beach too!

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