Harry Potter Craft--Tom Riddle Diary with Tombow

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I received products from American Tombow Inc. and Passion Planner for this post.  All opinions are mine.  Affiliate links included. #tombowpro #passionplanner #pashfamUse Tombow dual brush markers to do hand-lettering quotes of Albus Dumbledore
This week it's all about Harry Potter here at Doodlecraft!  Can you believe the first Harry Potter book was released in the USA 20 years ago on September 1st?  Man, I am old.  I was in high school when it was released but didn't hear much about it until I was in college.  I was taking public transportation to the university and I saw my friend's husband on the bus, reading a GIANT book.  I was impressed, to which he replied, "it's Harry Potter"...and I was like a blank stare.  No clue.  Little did I know in the next few years, I'd read all the books, love them and watch all the movies.  
So today I am going to show you how to turn an amazing planner from Passion Planner into Tom Marvolo Riddle's Diary from The Chamber of Secrets!  Plus let's chat about this new Landscape Dual Brush Pen set from Tombow.
I have not usually been a planner person, well, not since high school.  But, I forget everything!  So I am thinking it would be wise to become a planner person.  This great planner starts August 2018 and goes through the next year.  It's perfect to get organized now that school is in session again.
Originally this Landscape Dual Brush Pens set didn't thrill me...no aqua and teals, no pinks!  But, it's perfect for that landscape feel for sure!  Let's do a fun Dumbledore quote using the giant blending palette.

You will need watercolor paper, a spray bottle of water, Landscape pens and Blending palette.
In just a minute, scribble lines on the palette.  Blues at the top for sky, brown mountainy scibbles, then some tan, and finally greens.  This should just take a minute to lay down a smattering of colors.
Then gently mist with the spray bottle.  Also mist the watercolor paper slightly.
Then turn over the blending palette onto the watercolor paper.
Lift off and check it out--a nice homage to a landscape.  Set it aside and let it dry completely.
While it's drying, work on the diary.  Here's Tom's diary, after getting stabbed by the basilisks fang.
For the planner, you will need:
Passion Planner
Iron on vinyl foil in Rose Gold
EasyPress and Mat
Cricut Cutting Machine
Cricut Protective sheet
My new planner is perfect, it's a super soft leather cover...it just needs corners!  Right click to save off this png file.  Then upload it into Cricut Design Space and set it to cut out corners 1.5 inches wide.

4 of them to be precise.  Use Iron-on Rose Gold Foil for the perfect effect.
They fit the rounded corners perfectly.  Place the EasyPress mat right under the cover board inside the book.  Line the corners up and cover with a teflon or Cricut's protective sheet.
Then press with the EasyPress 2 mini, at 305 for just 5 seconds.
Just 5 seconds was plenty of time to get a great seal without harming the leather/faux leather cover.  Let them cool slightly and then remove the carrier sheet.
Repeat for all 4 corners.  Now you have an enviable planner with a little Harry Potter flare!  Dual brush pens or Tombow's other markers are perfect for filling in important dates and thoughts.  Turning this into a life long journal.  I love it!
By now the watercolor is dry and ready to letter on.  I used the Black dual brush pen to enscribe a perfect "Chamber of Secrets" quote.  "Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it" --Albus Dumbledore.
I love the dual brush, perfect for lettering and adding the quote author with the small tip.
I am picturing this as I think of Buckbeak flying through the landscape with Harry...
I know it's the wrong book but still, perfection!
This is the perfect handmade touch to turn something from ordinary to extraordinary!
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Iron on Vinyl works great on leather journals, customize them to look like Harry Potter props!

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