Shark Pencil Case: Back to School Fun!

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 Shark Pencil Case: Back to School Fun!
Hi friends, it's Natalie!  If you are new to my blog, let me tell you 3 interesting facts about me:
1. I had a PRK (like lasik) a couple years ago to fix my eyes and now my eye sight is amazing.
2. My mom taught me to sew when I was 6--first thing I sewed was a frog beanbag.
3. I am obsessed with school supplies...and pencil cases.

That brings us to Day 4 of Shark Week!
This project is part of Craft Lightning: Back to School edition.
This simple project takes 15 minutes to make...and it's perfect for SHARK week.
 You will need:
Fabric pencil case (this one is probably nylon from Walmart for 97 cents)
Silver heat transfer vinyl (and iron)
Cutting machine  (don't have one?  Enter my Cricut Explore Air 2 giveaway here!)
Ball chain keychain
Googly eyes
Hot glue/gun
Here's the Shark silhouette outline I used
Upload it to your cutting software.  I used my Cricut Explore Air 2.
(I received as part of their blogger team--and I love it)
Enter to win your own here!
Just have the machine cut out the shark.
Easy, takes barely any time at all...maybe a minute or 2.
Weed off the excess vinyl.
Including the eye and gill slits.
Place with the plastic side up on the case.
Gently iron on medium high over just the shark.
The case is nylon so it will melt if it gets too hot.
Then let it cool completely.
Then just peel off the plastic by rolling it back over the top of itself.
Okay, we are at 5 minutes.
Next get a piece of felt and cut 2 identical fish bodies.  I modeled these slightly larger than cheesy goldfish crackers.  And I ended up using 2 googly eyes (one on each side).
Hot glue the ball chain keychain on one fish.
(if you don't have a ball chain keychain laying around, use some yarn)
Then hot glue the other fish body right on top, encasing the chain.
Hot glue an eye to each side of the fish.
Then hook it on to the zipper as a cute little shark snack!
Shark bait!
Boom--under 15 minutes!
Your kiddo's will love to go back to school with this fun pencil case!
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Angie Holden said…
Such a cute idea!